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  1. Why what? Sorry a few edits while i tried to make sense of a puzzling question. Why am I viewing on just a tablet or phone. Why am i happy. Why is there so much poverty when we have so much. Why wasn't I born to a wealthy family Why can't you lose weight by eating chocolate and ice cream Why?
  2. Those who protest loudly do not always reflect the opinions of the majority Allan, in fact those that are happy with how things are or indifferent are far less likely to comment.
  3. I'm glad I'm not alone! On my tablet they take up a small amount of space and on my phone i can't see them unless i scroll right down. On a WiFi connection nowadays so not sure about the bandwidth issue, which i accept may be a problem for those out on the cut. I only view on the tablet or phone and I welcome them.
  4. I actually quite like it. I don't normally see the gallery, viewing new posts being my default - when the images first appeared I thought great i like this. Viewing on a tablet - maybe I'll have a different view tomorrow when i view on my phone
  5. Glad your cat is home safe - that must have been a worrying time for you.
  6. It's a lovely spot. We never got there on Iona (couldn't get through the tunnel) but we've driven there a few times. It did seem very quiet for such a lovely mooring - maybe this will give it a boost. Heritage railway just over the road worth a visit.
  7. On my phone there's a symbol with 3 horizontal stripes in the top right corner. If i tap that i get a list of options with two symbols at the top. One looks like speech bubbles - press this and it should take you to messenger options.
  8. Haggis is a she
  9. We had the privilege of seeing him live at the Cliffs Pavilion in Southend in 1995. Aged 68 his energy and passion for music was a joy to watch. Interestingly when i did a quick Google to check which year we saw him it transpires that he performed again at the same venue in 2009 at the age of 83. RIP a true legend
  10. That would be a selling point for me - liveaboards provide great additional security to my mind.
  11. We're thinking about going. Anyone else? It'd be good to know who to look out for and maybe organise a banter. We've been woefully short of banters of late.
  12. I found it by clicking on the calendar then today's date. Not sure if there's a list anywhere else like there used to be.
  13. Not seen you around in these parts lately but just in case you do peek happy birthday lovely lady
  14. Bah missed it! Belated happy birthday Starry from me, Dave and Millie