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  1. Thanks John - sounds like it'll be worth a visit. We might even get to the bar before Laurie
  2. Does anyone know what the deal is at the end? Is there a clubhouse or will it be beers sold from a marquee? Is there a pub nearby? Just figuring whether it's worth us taking our van on it's first outing to share a few beers with the competitors and watch the boats arriving at the finish, but it's unclear from Google maps where that'll be and what facilities are available. Cheers
  3. ????? Our first boat was NOT a mistake and I know a lot of people still living on their first boat and very happy with it.
  4. At my grammar school you were either going to university or become a secretary. I was written off and put on the shorthand/typing course. Pitman was my nemesis - I couldn't master the soft writing versus hard writing but I was a demon on the typewriter - still a manual one in my day. I've since proved the snobs wrong that assumed the council estate kid is a thickie by qualifying as a chartered accountant but I still love my touch typing skills. It's very intuitive though - if someone asks me where, for example the y is on the keyboard I'd struggle but sat in front of a keyboard I'd find it instantly. My typing tutor told me it bypasses thinking and goes from eyes to fingers. I'd love a speed test challenge ETA I remember my shorthand teacher shouting at me and telling me this would be a key skill in my life and would earn me good money if I could master it. Methinks she was wrong. Does anyone do shorthand nowadays?
  5. It's a great shame because Coventry is well worth a visit - particularly the transport museum which is the best I've ever visited. The first couple of times we went there it was indeed dreadful, but we were pleasantly surprised the last time. It's a pity to hear that it's declined again. The Coventry Canal Society do sterling work but they're fighting a losing battle against locals who have no respect for the canal and just use it as a dumping ground.
  6. I concur.
  7. Tell your missus that hairdryers dry out her hair - giving up the hairdryer was the best thing i ever did for my hair, i was stunned by how much better its condition was when we lived aboard and i let it dry naturally. I'm back in a house now and haven't used the hairdryer that came out of storage a year ago. (Yeah i know she won't believe me but it's worth a try )
  8. ... Not worth it
  9. Hey Alan This was on Facebook. I wasn't aware Richard and Sue weren't doing Ellesmere (they were the friends i was referring to) - Brownhills is an idea - we might see you there.
  10. Hey folks We're still trying to decide what to do Easter weekend. We definitely want to attend a boaty event - on the list at the moment is Ellesmere Port or Foxton Locks - both of which are being attended by good friends. Anything else going on? Hoping to catch up with some boaty friends - feeling a bit blue and missing my boat
  11. You're revealing your true colours in this post. Firstly no one hijacks words - language evolves. I find it strange that young people use the word sick to mean good nowadays. If you want to use gay to mean happy you're still perfectly entitled to - no-one has taken that away from you, there's simply an alternative meaning out there nowadays. As for the "less threatening" comment what the hell is that about? In what way does the gay community threaten you? I know I'm talking to deaf ears because you're clearly a bigot who probably yearns for the days when homosexually was illegal. I feel sorry for you - I'd hate to live in such a small minded world.
  12. Happy birthday from me and Dave x
  13. It's a great shame because the Fly was a great pub the first time we visited, but has deteriorated in every subsequent visit. Last time we went there i stood at an unattended bar for 5 minutes before walking out. The Bridge every time for us - fantastic landlady and landlord.