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  1. Who's we? Do you speak for everyone on Thunderboat? I've seen many derogatory comments about Mike on TB and at least two threads purely started to attack him. I don't blame him for not joining and question how many "we" represents.
  2. I'm totally happy - thanks for the work you've put in Rich. I know how tough it is sometimes with work and personal commitments to fit in voluntary stuff.
  3. Great photos thanks folks . Would have loved to have been there.
  4. Watch out watch out there's a Humphrey about
  5. Bumping this thread for new members and anyone who missed it
  6. All of the above is spot on advice. I'd add Barlaston, between Stone and Stoke as a good place to stop if the timings work better. The Plume of Feathers is now under new management and, albeit a tad pricey, has a much better vibe than the seedy dive we encountered when we first rocked up there. If you do stop at Westport Lake (a lovely spot) be aware there are facilities there that are not signed or on any maps or guides And plus four for the Holy Inadequate - a fantastic dog friendly pub with a good choice of proper beers (no food except pork pies, so don't go there expecting a meal). Have fun!
  7. I miss the Hamlet cigar adverts - funny and acquainted me with some classical tunes We do hit the mute button when that bloke starts warbling "Go Compare". It was voted the most annoying advert several years ago, yet they continue. I'm guessing it's following the ethos of no publicity is bad publicity. Personally I'm more likely to not buy something than choose to buy it on the strength of the mega sums spent on TV advertising (never smoked a cigar in my life )
  8. There's been a sad dearth of banters recently. We're up for Alvecote - hopefully we'll have our van well enough to take there, otherwise we might be begging a bed.
  9. What I love most is the arrogance that was kicked into touch last night. Unelectable? With the weight of the Tory press throwing every toxic insult they could at him and his own PLP mostly against him the man stood firm, stood by his principles, embraced the public at huge rallies while madam president hid amongst her supporters. She'll be gone within the next day or two.
  10. Nice one Team Tawny
  11. Thanks John.
  12. Well we were coming to cheer home the finishers. Set off from Stoke in our van, which suddenly developed an ominous rumbling which Dave thinks could be the wheel bearings so we had to abort and come home. Very disappointed
  13. Have a good one
  14. The weather's looking rather interesting over the weekend.
  15. Glad to hear you're on the mend - I hadn't realised you'd been poorly. Welcome back - you've been missed.