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  1. Agree - well worth a visit. Was recommended by very helpful folk at the excellent Craven Arms on Upper Gough Street. Tell them what you're having as a starter and they'll find a beer to whet the appetite!
  2. Excellent - thanks for the update!
  3. Great news! Will remember this if/when I have problems in future!
  4. Yes would prefer a dog breaking wind any day
  5. There was an old lady called Lil Who kept getting stuck on the cill With her stern in the air She just didn't care 'twas the nearest she got to a thrill
  6. wimmin are all victims you should know that by now.....
  7. how many fish fingers you gonna be storing?
  8. is he boat trained re peeing and pooping? don't want him pooping on the poop deck
  9. ladys wash - less skiddies = less power needed
  10. Should be Happy Pooper
  11. excellent. congratulations ! yours for a chilli ?
  12. I'd stop looking at porn..........
  13. man nuts ( with wrinkles )