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  1. I use gpstracker. You can upload a captured GPX file to their website to get map with route highlighted. Steve
  2. Wilshire fire service were at Devizes Wharf yesterday giving out advice and free CO alarms to boaters. We were moored opposite and watched them get through several cases of alarms, I'd guess about 20 or 30. Well done them. Steve
  3. Has anyone any comments, good or bad, regarding Willow Ridge boatfitting at Hillmorton? We are thinking of having them do our blacking ( two pack). Thanks Steve
  4. They've stopped the traffic and trains, but no mention of canals. Saltford junction is nearby. Steve
  5. That looks like a business opportunity for someone, taking Curry's fridges ans changing the motors for 12v
  6. At the Plough mooring the railway line is very close, and seems to be used for noisy freight trains in the middle of the night. We prefer further on, the VM by Aristotle Lane bridge (cant remember the number) Steve
  7. Students can legitimately register at both their home and college/university address.
  8. Perhaps someone should tell the lockie at Cookham lock. We were charge £8 for an overnight mooring in the weir stream. Steve
  9. Yes, I thought it was Cannelglaze. I'll give them a ring tomorrow Thanks
  10. Does anyone know where I can get spare window catches like the photo. I have some where the metal has sheared off with use. Thanks Steve
  11. I agree, we have a very good neighbour :-)
  12. It's not Mitchell's any more. Bob had a serious accident and left. The repair business is now run by some relatives of Reeves who build shells on the site. Steve
  13. Was it the one on Llanthony pontoons in Gloucester docks? That one runs for about 20mins. We have pumped out two boats and still had some time left ! Steve
  14. We had a custom made shower door from Wesley Windows. All I'll say is that we were less than satisfied with the result. Steve
  15. A shed, when we were young we didnt even know what a shed was! Cue Monty Python sketch ...... Http://