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  1. I agree, we have a very good neighbour :-)
  2. It's not Mitchell's any more. Bob had a serious accident and left. The repair business is now run by some relatives of Reeves who build shells on the site. Steve
  3. Was it the one on Llanthony pontoons in Gloucester docks? That one runs for about 20mins. We have pumped out two boats and still had some time left ! Steve
  4. We had a custom made shower door from Wesley Windows. All I'll say is that we were less than satisfied with the result. Steve
  5. A shed, when we were young we didnt even know what a shed was! Cue Monty Python sketch ...... Http://
  6. Larry Whilst you're on the A&C you should go up via Selby to York. It's an opportunity not to be missed. By the time you've done that the Bridgewater might be open. Steve
  7. We took up carpet and put down Amtico (similar to Karndean). We're very pleased, should have done it earlier. Steve
  8. We occasionally have similar symtoms ( though on an Isuzu). It's always the main multiway plus/socket needs cleaning. Steve
  9. Teddesley are still are still going. Steve
  10. Ditto
  11. The moorings were previously bookable by emsil, as we did, and they were free. So this isnt really an improved service at all. Steve
  12. We still have a lead water pipe supplying the house, from the main in the street to the house. (not an inconsiderable distance as our house is set back from the road). A few years ago the water authority came along an did some tests. But they decided that we weren't mad enough to justify the cost of replacing the pipe! Steve
  13. Tony who moors at Kinver on "Vindi IV" did ours. Steve
  14. The warning sound also comes on if tne engine overheats. Get her to check the temperature gauge. Steve
  15. We have just had the engine serviced and the was quite a bit of dirty water in the fuel separator, and the filter was pretty mucky. We dont have a drain point on our fuel tank so couldn't get the suspected water out that way. Steve