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  1. Ruston Hornsby 2YWA & PRM springy
  2. Here's something different - V Twin Turner springy
  3. Looks to me as if that is soft soldered. Just remake the joint with silver solder or braze and it will be OK. Springy
  4. 1054 Bolinder & Gearbox springy
  5. how about a Laval 108S springy
  6. Express & Star today springy
  7. Ford 4D & 6D (might be the same pump) were used in a wide variety of lorries (thames trader IIRC, amongst others), tractors, pumps, generators etc, so possibly one could be sourced or overhauled from that direction - vintage tractor parts suppliers would possibly be the best bet Springy
  8. Now open to navigation, towpath still closed till 7th April Springy
  9. This stoppage now extended to 27th May Springy
  10. industrial AS2 springy
  11. Is the switch an exact replacement and are the wires connected to exactly the same terminals ? I would expect a BMC to need a switch with four positions and four connections (though probably more than four actual terminals) : OFF -> ignition on ->(sprung)-> heat on ->(sprung)-> engine starter. The minimal connections are power in, feed to alternator/ignition circuits, feed to heater plugs, feed to starter solenoid. I suspect it may be possible to create the symptoms you describe by simply swapping the "power in" connection with the feed to alternator depending on the exact switching layout & sequence within the switch. springy
  12. If buying replacements don't forget to check the A & B ratings - IIRC some 1kg extinguishers have lower ratings than others depending on the actual powder, and that they carry one or more of the BSS listed symbols Springy
  13. Ruston Hornsby 3VSH springy
  14. Its "third party works" - the railway is being electrified, and maintenance of the aqueduct is being carried out at the same time by railway contractors, so out of CaRT control to a large extent. Presumably CaRT have rejected railtrack/carillon's request for extension to May and are "hoping" to meet the February deadline Springy
  15. Not sure of its vintage but certainly different 2 cyl 40 hp @ 1500 Dong Feng ! springy