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  1. Does anybody seriously think that those boat men that used to use bikes for lock wheeling travelled anything like as slowly as 4 mph. It would rather defeat the object! I find a suggestion that cycling at more than 4 mph on any stretch of towpath should be discouraged fairly daft. I do agree that foot and boat users should always have priority over cyclists, but there are regularly miles and miles of towpath with no foot users at all, and I can see no argument for suggesting that cycling on them at a faster speed where there are no other users should be discouraged. It should be about people being sensible. There is very little point in introducing rules that it is impossible to enforce. People recognise them as such, and most will ignore them.
  2. If you do decide to have people walk over the tunnels, please be aware that whilst there is a very pleasant walk over Braunston tunnel, through fields, involving just one road crossing on a straight stretch of road, there is not an independent footpath over the (longer) Blisworth tunnel, and most of that would have to be walked along a road which, although not particularly busy, has no footpath beside it. I don't find that walk pleasant. If you do walk over Braunston tunnel, you will note it has three large brick towers for the air-shafts, but unless they study it very closely, those passing through on the boat will only pass under two openings. The challenge is to see how the third one is connected to the tunnel, and even if you already know how, it is easy to miss it. Don't be too put off by the suggestion they are "fume filled". Generally they ventilate fairly well, and it is unusual not to be able to see through each from one end to the other.
  3. I'm using a PC, but still can't find it!
  4. Shame about the patches of primer on the front end!
  5. No, I have tried to follow that guide and fail at Step 4 Step 4: On the album page, towards the top you will see a settings button with options to Add Photos, Edit and a drop down arrow. Click on the drop down and select the option to Share Album. I simply don't get "Add Photos, Edit and a drop down arrow" apperaing near the top of the screen. The only "Add Photos" option I get is whre the pictures are displayed the first ox says "+ Add Photos/Videos" that is all I can do there - there is no drop down.
  6. Exactly. Facility has moved, but some people continue to fly tip where it used to be.
  7. I wouldn't have expected that, given it is in a public group. (But I'm no expert!) Is this any better? (Posted to m own time line, and intentionally made public). If not you will need to come to Braunston to see them (!) Linky
  8. It is usually possible for a non Facebook member to see albums posted.
  9. Yes, I definitely recall admiring her each time we have passed. I need to remind myself I already have a "Large" and a "Middle" Northwich, and whilst a "Small" to complete the collection would be lovely, it ain't really practical! From 2011 (Was it really that long ago?)
  10. I'm now wondering what Bellatrix's history can have been. The George and the Mary, (not an infallible source though!) says it was never health registered, and was sold off by the GUCCCo as early as 1942
  11. The person who has posted before you will certainly be able to confirm that(!) I'm guessing Alcor is one of the converted ones - would need to think about another..... Archie57 has covered the small Woolwich boats. I'm uncertain about the Northwich ones, but Sculptor certainly, and from the advert it would appear Bellatrix also. Do any others of those with "trust" or CRT connections still retain them, or is it only Sculptor? I doubt he will be proved wrong! He specifically only mentions Woowich boats, and Denebola will definitely be in his count.
  12. For those who can, (or are prepared to!) see Facebook albums, a small taster of pictures taken yesterday showing historic boats already gathering for this weekend's big event. (Or the "rust fest" as Nick Norman will no doubt call it!). Facebook album
  13. Interestingly it reads as if it still has wooden bottoms. I can't think of too many unconverted "small" GUCCCo motor boats that still applies to.
  14. These are all still listed as for sale in the latest edition of HNBC magazine. (Mind you, so is narrow boat "Owl", so like that it is possible any or all are now sold).
  15. This has a Petter PD2 in it