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  1. But what Ray suggested was a a P150 The P160 was a considerably meatier bit of kit, with quoted capabilities listed in the range 3.05 to 3.43 BHP per 100 RPM, depending on application. The equivalent numbers for the PRM150 mentioned are only in the range 1.5 to 2.1 BHP per 100 RPM. Thats's a big difference, and I would not want to see what an H series engine was capable of doing to the much lower specced gerabox.
  2. I presume the brokerage took the pictures though, and should be capable of seeing that (on the side shown at least!) it is not in GUCCCo "Coronation" colours of red, white and blue. I accept some of it may be the vendor supplying duff information, but it does seem odd for the broker to knowingly publish a description that is not supported by the photos they have attached to it.
  3. If that view is taken over the roof of a boat, it could do with a bit of rust treatment and a few coats of paint........
  4. It gets "better" still when you read the text..... So do the pictures show a boat in red, white and blue "Coronation" colours, and lettered as the GUCCCo? Well, make up your own mind!
  5. What is a "Woolwich Trader" FFS? Has someone at Rugby boats herad the term "Northwich Trader", and believes this to be the Harland and Wolff equivalent? A brokerage that is worth its salt, and selling a proper piece of real canal history should surely be capable of finding out what they have been asked to sell, and describing it with at least some degree of accuracy.
  6. My thoughts as well, but if Mike wants to feel he has proved me wrong on something, I'm happy to let him have that pleasure! Not sure I have even seen an H series engine mater to a PRM box, (nor would I want to!), but if it had to happen I'd want a meatier PRM than the 150.
  7. Yes, but frankly with most such arrangements you could probably equally nearly as easily remove the screws attaching it to the slide, or simply use a wrecking bar to lever it off. Probably more opportunist thieves will be carrying a screwdriver or a gemmy than top quality pipe grips. These are not exactly high security at the best of times, even if all welded.
  8. Having used this facility againtoday, I am sure that the soppage notice is wrong, and it is fully open and working. I have just emailed them to that effect, asking that they remove it from the stoppage lists.
  9. No reply from OP to my question, but I note the notification is dated 9th May We used this facility on 18th may, and it was fine then. So I think they have failed to remove or update the notice. We are currently back at Apsley, and hope to use it tomorrow, so will post current status then.
  10. It must be good wine, Ray, but as I'm just back from a few pints in london with mates, I feel qualified to respond! I hardly think a PRM150 is up to the job of delivering the power from an HA2. The Blackstone box was a truly excellent bit of kit when new, but as most are now half a century old, it depends on its past history, and what has been done to it, (good or bad) over the years. I'm not too convinced as many PRM 150s will be in generally good order after 50 years or more. Anyway they are not a valid replacement as the loud whining noise a Blackstone box makes in reverse is all part of the working boat authenticity, and PRM boxes are far too quiet!
  11. We checked the easy one, i.e, that on reduction gear. Castellated nut secure, with split pin in place. Boat is now left in marina, and I'm in negotiation with both vendor and the engineers at the marina, all of whom seem flexible about best way forward. It means cancellation of some plans, but I was convinced it was not sensible or safe to carry on. Going 60 miles up the GU with two 3 foot draughted boats breasted together would not have been a realistic prospect, and the boat is too far down at the front to pull on cross straps. I have appointments elsewhere today, I am now on a train on my way to London), but am grateful to all who have offered advice and support. Also to the marvelous RogerAllsop, who gave me an unexpected free ride from Croxley to Berkhamsted, thus making a difficult day much less stressful. There are good people on the cut.
  12. Not much help, but it was OK last Thursday. Is the notice you are referring to dated, please?
  13. Or as I have just said a view of any boat moored far too close to the bridge on the towpath on the other side. Mike is wrong on this one, as anybody who takes a 3 foot draughted 72 footer through there on a regular basis will know. It is not a lack of skill by those attempting to get through the bridge, it is either ignorance or an "I don't care" attitude by wide beam owners that dump boats in places like that for a fortnight at a time.