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  1. I think you wiĺ find the local council are not responsible for the tow path comes under CART..
  2. Thanks for your message but it's not a support group that I am looking for but more first hand info from fellow boaters.
  3. I take it you still go boating..how do you find it..?
  4. After getting over throat cancer some years I find that I can no longer swallow food and have just been fitted with a peg tube to feed directly into my stomach. Do any of our members have the same thing..and if so how does it effect your boating..?
  5. How do you clear a fouled prop with a kort rudder..?
  6. More like new freight traffic which is good news..
  7. Has anyone anchored in Tixall Wide..?
  8. You will be lucky to find any moorings around Skipton
  9. Yes they have done one trip on the Weaver already but hope to make it a regular run next year all being well
  10. You could say the same about the Anderton Lift as well. if fact why bother with canals at all..????
  11. Well where I worked we had tug boats, supply boats, and crew boats and this was not in the USA
  12. They were flown in the 1920s[
  13. You also have Tug Boats, some of them are very large indeed.
  14. who said they have to lower the Pilot Jack when underway...?
  15. Pilot Jack and Red Ensign