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  1. Probably five or six years ago now we were queued because of a cruiser stuck in the second lock. It had been craned in somewhere near Chirk and the new owners were moving it south. The lady lock keeper at the time asserted that lock two was the tightest but the majority of full width boats couldn't get through lock one. She released the cruiser using copious amounts of fairy liquid and then repositioned the boat in the lock to avoid a bulge.
  2. Perhaps it was named after a film
  3. We did a successful handover at College cruisers albeit 10 years ago.
  4. Paint stripper from trade outlets strips paint too whereas that from the sheds does not.
  5. I did mine last week. I took out three rings using a pick tool and could then feel the tool scraping on metal. I checked with a mirror and everything was gone. What worried me was there was no water coming in. I've replaced with new packing but I'm still a little surprised that water didn't rush in once the packing was removed.
  6. Having said that Braidbar Boats are currently advertising in the local free sheet for a time served joiner.
  7. It looks beautiful. Is it my imagination or is it double glazed?
  8. Do you expect that the primer is waterproof and has protected the steel? Some primers are porous. Your chosen painter may not be willing to overpaint. Some painters use brushes and others spray. I have looked around and been quoted anywhere between £7K and £10K. I can't recommend anyone because it hasn't been done yet. All the well known painters have waiting lists that are one to three years long.
  9. I believe the 120 is mechanical. The others are hydraulic which probably accounts for the different advice.
  10. I emailed our water company asking whether I could put the content of my cassette down the loo. They said it would be prosecutible as an illegal discharge.
  11. As far as I am aware Princess Anne is not a son!
  12. My train was delayed on monday because they were restricting speeds on parts of the west coast mainline due to expanding track.
  13. Have they run out of rivets?
  14. It would be serious madness for this to happen. At low tide there are mud banks with decaying wooden jetties and the ribs of abandoned boats. At high tide it looks OK but you still wouldn't want to fall in. Just downstream from the Tyne Bridge there are floating moorings with electricity
  15. All those tools and you haven't got a brush? Get down to Poundland man.