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  1. We all have our fields of expertise, I suppose. Ask me about vintage engines and you would receive a blank stare, but I've dealt with plants for over 60 years. Oh, I see TM has just said virtually the same!
  2. Convection, surely?
  3. You may joke, but a few years ago: Edited to add a pic of that particular weed episode.
  4. Well it depends on what colour they are, doesn't it?
  5. I'm afraid I can't agree with you either, Mike. The piece seems pretty straightforward and accurate. As for you sitting beside a window and sweltering, that is you absorbing the shorter wave solar radiation and heating up, not absorbing heat (infra-red) radiation. Think of a thermal solar panel, black behind glass. The black absorbs solar radiation, and heats up, but the glass prevents it from radiating back out. BTW, I have one of those Crookes radiometers which the piece mentions, so I looked it up on Wiki
  6. The amount of blanket weed (in fact a filamentous alga) on the Chesterfield has increased a lot since I arrived a couple of weeks ago, and in fact they were due to start removing it a few days ago. The hot weather has encouraged it. I'm hoping to be on the Fossditch and then the Witham soon - does anyone know of the weed situation there? A supplementary question about the Witham Navigable Drains and Kyme Eau - is weed removal even done on these waterways? I gave up very quickly on the latter in July a few years ago, but had hoped that things would be a bit more feasible in early June.
  7. Geum urbanum is common all over the country and where its close relative Geum rivale (water avens) also grows it hybridises to produce intermediate forms. We have all gradations between the two here.
  8. I find it perfectly easy to climb a ladder with a rope in my hand, or sometimes with a loop in the end round my arm. No way would I put it in my teeth - I know where it's been! Windlass tucked in belt. I've seen it stated here that it is not necessary to use ladders when singlehanding, but in some locks it certainly is.
  9. Yes, I've edited my reply after another look.
  10. I think TM is on the right track but looking at what I can see in the picture I would say another of the same genus, Ranunculus flammula, or lesser spearwort. No, looking again, I think TM is absolutely correct. Ranunculus sceleratus.
  11. My boat appears on the sides of many Northern Trains. When my neighbour Trevor, who is actually in the picture clambering over his boat, asked the train company who had taken it, they refused to tell him. He wasn't wanting royalties, just a copy of the picture.
  12. I have a question about flexible panels, which are presumably fixed direct to the roof. My roof gets too hot to touch on a hot summer's day. Can this damage the panel?
  13. Thank you for confirming that the graph and tables are rubbish - I was beginning to doubt myself! The strange thing is that the same site's info for Kearby is fine. In fact I'm planning to go out of Stockwith up to Torksey next week and want all the tide behind me that I can get, being as Torksey cut can be got into at any time. Although I will of course consult the Stockwith lockie, I am doing my own research these days after twice being sent out of Keadby at the wrong time, the first resulting in me crawling against the ebb for the last two miles, and the second, a couple of weeks ago, arriving with a strong tide and having a slightly tense (but near-perfect!) entry at Stockwith.
  14. Can anyone explain to me what is going on in these tide graphs and tables for West Stockwith at ? It looks like the levels aren't going up and down and aren't even semi-diurnal. Only high tides are given, with no low tides. The equivalent for Keadby looks quite normal - two tides a day, going up and down as expected. If this is just a cock-up, can anyone point me in the direction of another more reliable site giving West Stockwith tides, please?
  15. My first reaction was do you mean Apsley or Aspley?