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  1. Well! I've hijacked threads myself in the past, but............ But seriously, what I want to know is the purpose of the CRT emergency number (the one with the 999 in the middle of it). CRT seem to be saying that it's for serious emergencies only, and not to misuse it, whereas I've been told to use it as a weekend and out of ours call out number. Also, it seems to be the number which gets results. The problem I reported had been reported several days previously on the normal CRT number, but nothing done in that time. It was dealt with in 2 hours using the emergency number.
  2. Today I was stuck at Park Nook lock on the Calder & Hebble because one of the bottom gates wouldn't close properly. Tried all the usual things - wiggling gate, flushing through, etc. Being the weekend the normal CRT number wasn't working and I was reluctant to use the 'emergency' number because you get all sorts of dire warnings about it being only for situations threatening life & limb or serious environmental damage. It wasn't an emergency for me because I wasn't in a great hurry, but I thought that Shire Cruisers ought to know as they may have boats coming down, so I phoned them. Susan Stevens assured me that this was really just an 'out of hours' number and asked me to phone the number. Sure enough, they were quite happy to send someone, despite the aforementioned recorded dire warnings, and he duly hauled out a large scooter from under the gate, saying that if I hadn't phoned someone else would have had to. So why isn't there a dedicated weekend and out of office hours number, without labelling it 'emergency' and warning people not to use it unless life is in danger or environmental catastrophe imminent? Weekends are if anything busier boating wise.
  3. An update. Elland bridge is now completed and opened a few days ago. I came through it yesterday, and very good it looks too, with every stone back in its rightful place (allegedly). Just a bit of tidying up going on. By contrast, Crowther bridge, further down, is still a work in progress, and has been closed from 10 till 4 on 3 days this week for concrete sections to be lifted in. I'll be going through tomorrow, I think.
  4. Why?
  5. As regards the HNC, my usual mooring is at Lock 15E, from which the Sair Inn can be reached. I've also stopped perforce at 13E with no problems, from which the Rose at Golcar may be reached - a very decent pub, but a bit of a trek up through the woods. The pub at Milnsbridge is indeed pretty dire, unless it's changed a lot since the one time I ventured in. Once you get to Slaithwaite the best pub now is the Commercial, but the Empire Brewery right by the guillotine lock sells its beers from a little office. And of course then the Riverhead in Marsden, which is one of only two pubs to get 19/20 in my annual pub cruise scores (restaurant upstairs which I'm told is very good) The Summit on the Rochdale isn't much to write home about, but there's a good bus service down to Littleborough and back where the Red Lion is certainly worth seeking out. It's a bit of a desert between Todmorden and the summit now that the Mason's Arms has closed - both the pubs in Walsden are pretty bad and in fact the highlight there is Gordon Rigg's garden centre (also selling fresh supplies) with its cafe across the road. A rather quirky place to visit just above Todmorden is the BareArts beer shop and brewery - look out for the bright pink back door onto the canal.
  6. Using my (Windows) tablet, the gallery pics in my (custom) New Content migrate from the side to the bottom when I turn it from horizontal to vertical position, and are even more ridiculously truncated. But like almost everyone else, I see absolutely no reason for them to be there at all, and never looked at the Gallery before. In fact, its very existence possibly misleads new members into thinking that this is where they should be putting their pictures for people to see.
  7. My goodness, that's an impressively long link. The forum used to compress things like that - doesn't it do that any more?
  8. OK, but how do you delete your attachments? I can't see how. It will presumably remove pictures from old posts.
  9. I just went into 'my attachments', and it informed me that "You have used 4.73 MB of your 97.66 MB attachment limit". I don't post lots of pics, but those who do could easily reach what appears to be a personal limit quite quickly. I don't see how to remove one's attachments, so what happens when one reaches the limit?
  10. Do you have numbers? Post numbers disappeared in the Great Upheaval. I for one would like to see them back, despite the reiterated 'improved' method of referring to earlier posts.
  11. There is one at Sowerby Bridge wharf, but nothing to do with the boatyard, being outside the gates in a public area. I note that it is opened with a keypad, the code for which you get by dialling 999.
  12. Well, there we are then. I moored overnight in Knottingley last year. Very peaceful night.
  13. Ah, yes, I'd forgotten. And I replied at length! Must have been Jan 1st amnesia.
  14. Yes, that's my pub research site of choice now, supplanting which is also good, though. Are you keeping your boat nearby?