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  1. 3/4" BSP is the usual. Some have both 3/4" and 1/2" BSP - you can get adaptors - and some have 3/4" and a hosetail. I've met all of them plus a few other less common variants.
  2. The old site did that too. But what I'm wondering is how many minutes and can it be controlled. I sometimes want to reply to two people in one topic, and I've never quite got the hang of multiquotes (I know, I know.......).
  3. I was specifically replying to MTB's statement about deliberately cultivating a scruffy image. Other people's motives may differ. However, you sort of contradict yourself, don't you? (see items in red) You may have to choose the way you come across, but for almost as long as I remember I haven't felt the need to present any sort of front. And I know you didn't say this, but to describe someone's dislike of tattoos as 'sanctimonious' and indicative of a superiority complex just indicates a degree of defensiveness to me.
  4. Agreed, that is inexcusable, just like ethnic discrimination. But that is not comparable with reacting to tattoos or deliberate scruffiness, as these are deliberate choices, and statements about the wearer, unlike race or sexual orientation, which are part of the human condition.
  5. So you are deliberately setting out to make an impression on others, just like the tattooed. I don't feel the necessity to make an impression on others - they can take me as they find me. Just as I take others as I find them, preferring those who are not setting out to challenge.
  6. Well now I've moved to the tablet from the laptop, you are pale cream! Does this depend on the device, the OS, or what you decide to wear today?
  7. I'm afraid that a lot of people tend to draw conclusions about the personalities of people with tattoos, and not favourable ones. Myself, I like to keep an open mind and judge people as I find them, but it is the actual tattoos I find unpleasant, and regard as deliberate self-disfigurement, like graffiti on a fine building.
  8. AH! Does that imply that 'Reputation' count is still available somewhere? Several people are complaining that it has disappeared from posts and profiles.
  9. Anyway, to get back to the original topic, Blair seems to have gone back into the woodwork after doing his damage to the EU cause. I'm almost beginning to suspect that he is a crypto-Brexiteer. Or perhaps just totally insensitive.
  10. The OP shared his tattoos and implicitly expected feedback, even some negative feedback - "I may be lighting the blue touch paper here" was the phrase. Of course if I meet someone with tattoos I don't come out with "I don't like tattoos." However, anyone with any perception would detect my distaste. I am not alone, as public-facing jobs often require tattoos to be covered. Employers aren't doing this just because of their own opinions.
  11. The fact that both tattooing and tattoo removal have seen huge increases in recent years would indicate that there is a fashion element in this. And like much fashion is regarded as ugly and ridiculous except by the wearers and their peers. What was almost confined to primitive tribesmen and sailors 100 years ago and was a permanent process is now mainstream and often temporary.
  12. No-one seems to have commented the new colour scheme for site staff. Very fetching.
  13. Reputation notifications (ex-greenies) seem to be announced by a little gurgling tinkle which made me jump the first time it happened, as my computer doesn't make noises normally. I'll have a look at RichM's link to see if I can make it desist.
  14. OK then, how did you cancel your original VNC page? When I tried to do this (via the Activity Stream menu), there seemed to be no way of cancelling or deleting the 'custom stream' I had created.
  15. I'm afraid I'm going to give a response a lot less positive. I regard tattoos and piercings with revulsion and dismay, as a desecration of the body. Beautiful bodies are made ugly and ugly bodies are not improved. The same applies to primitive tribesmen as to modern faddists. Tattoo removal is a thriving business.