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  1. Thank you! That's what I call service!
  2. Really? What a faff. Surely if it's possible to 'ignore' a member or something like the VP (I do neither), it should be possible to choose whether or not to enter the chatbox, which appears to have been foisted on me, RichM, where are you? Hey, it's disappeared! Is it a coincidence that RichM was online at the same time as me?
  3. Yes! Thank you. But I don't see the point of that.
  4. How do I get rid of the chatbox which has appeared at the bottom of my screen?
  5. If you mean a pointer, I haven't got one - I'm using a tablet with a touchscreen. There seem to be 3 levels of contrast - one for the post text, one for things like the post timing and one very faint one for the post number, the 'quote post' button, and 'Report post'. I can only just see the last level, and see no means of increasing contrast.
  6. I see the post numbers are back, but so faint as to be almost invisible (as is the 'Report Post' button). Is this just me? (Windows 8.1, IE 11) and can I do anything about it?
  7. I think pig was having a gentle dig, and got 2 greenies for it. Made me chuckle, anyway.
  8. Hobby boaters? Do I detect a faint whiff of condescension there? My boat is my main residence from April to October and my house from November to March. Where does your classification system place me? Anyhoo, if I leave the boat for more than a day (which I frequently do), winter or summer, I always make sure the widows are CLOSED. You cannot imagine the mess even one small bird can make if it gets in through an open window.......... Much worse than a bit of mildew.
  9. How is that significant? TBH, One of the reasons I asked was I vaguely remember someone having 'trouble' in the vicinity some time ago; an air rifle was involved. I don't want to emphasise that side of it, but I would be a small boat overnighting as a singlehander. As I said, it would be useful to get a good start on an early morning flood (early July), and tick a pub off my list. I know about keeping the lockies informed.
  10. Has anyone stopped overnight on Dunham pontoon on the Trent? I've never seen any boats on it, but there appears to be a reasonable pub or two in the village. And in fact it would be useful for when I'm going up on the evening flood from Torksey, and catch the early one next morning. But the pontoon seems not to be used.
  11. And of course we have the Forest of Ae, which is famously and obviously green.
  12. Similar warning for the Witham, and the upper end of the Ripon Canal has been closed.
  13. So, as I said, an elected President would be much more suitable?
  14. I haven't actually heard of President Eu. Was he/she elected, and by whom?
  15. I did say that some may disagree. But I stick with what I said - they can be dangerous, especially when used by someone not aware of the dangers. Just because it is a designed feature doesn't mean that it can't get blocked.