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  1. Churchward I think you may well be right about the weight being a bit light. Ballast barrels, we use the blue plastic ones 44 gallons capacity therefore 44 X 10 = 440 ibs per barrel. 5 barrels in the back of the hold gets the counter almost flat on 5 X 440 = 2220 lbs. That works out to just over a metric Tonne Dont know where you been boating Pete but you need an awfull lot of rain to get the shuts and a pallet under water. I did take a 5 cylinder ( not sure of the make it was a long time ago ) one for a ride one year it was in storage in the hold and it had a holiday. That was just sitting nicely just towards the back of the middle of the hold.
  2. 150 Kilos is 6 X 25 Kilo bags of coal to get things into perspective. If you were bothered about the draft put it just a little forward of the centre or if you have ballast barrels empty one of them and put the block at the back of the hold
  3. Not to be critical or nit picking and no offence meant. "Not to mention the naughty bits - as in - looping the line around gate guard rails - OK if you know what you're doing." Butty rudder is easily damaged and without an engine to keep the boat on the gate or a strapping post in the right place the alternative is the rail on the gate. That the rope is low down thus lessoning the mechanical advantage as well so very little force on the hand rail. Where the balance beam has the raised large metal rectangular hand hold at the end of the beam a couple of wrap around that is also used.
  4. Dont know if it will work with old petrol rather than with fresh petrol but you can get an additive to keep petrol in good condition while in storage. Put "fuel stabiliser" into ebay for a choice of products
  5. Dont forget to drain the gerbox / reduction box as well if you have the water cooled one fitted.
  6. The cleat could well be for a line of the fore end when you need to hold a boat as far forwards as possible. A butty in a lock the rudder is vulnerable so you take a line off to keep it on the gate.
  7. Aquarium shop or a industrial pipe fitting supply place.
  8. If you get the lead ( graphite ) out of a pencil and make it into a fine powderl and mix it with some oil to make a thick paste. Put some on the threads that are jamming and it will help to stop them from seizing up again. Or see if you can get a little bit of copperslip to put on the threads.
  9. Have removed the post as it could have touched a nerve
  10. Coventry Climax engines. The fire pump was F.W.P. - feather weight pump 1042cc this evolved into F.W.A. the A for Automobile 1098cc F.W.B. 1460cc still for car use and the F.W.E. at 1216cc for the Lotus Elite ( Lotus type Number 14 ) The imp engine was derived from a later fire pump design.
  11. Shower at Broad Street Basin. The shower at Westport is well hidden, its a unmarked door below the visitor centre. IIRC its seen from the path that leads to the visitor centre and I think its on the side nearest the canal. Takes standard bwb key. Showers at Brentford above the gauging lock
  12. Having spent a few days there with Nuneaton and Brighton, I took the time to approach the youngsters who congregate there. I found them to be both friendly, pleasent and good to talk with. They asked about the boats and what we did. At no time did I feel in any way uneasy being there on my own.
  13. As of last night crane now coming in by water and expected today.
  14. Just got home from Brighton and Nuneaton which are moored on the lock landing below Fobney lock. The boat in the lock was still there last night with some locals trying to raise it. The police were called and and the unauthorised raising was stopped. Canal and River rescue were on site yesterday morning ( Saturday ) and with none of there staff available had subcontracted the job out to another firm who decided that they did not want the job. When canal rescue have enough of there own staff available they will raise the boat. The only boats waiting at Fobney are our pair with the others that are waiting being held in Reading and somewhere above Fobney ( maybe Burghfiel but I do not know for sure ). The only road access to the lock is over a long bridge with the Kennet flowing under it. The bridge has a 3 Tonne weight limit and the access to where you can get a crane is very poor as well. The plan is to put ground anchors in and winch the back of the boat up and get as many doors etc shut then put pump (s) in and raise it. As has been said it went down very quickly and did not get flooded from the top gate paddles. At least the lady steering was not hurt and managed to get off and out of the way when it went down.
  15. Thank you for your kind "Good Morning" as you passed me stuck in the edge in the shallows, having met you at the worst possible moment on a blind corner bridge, but what I really needed to hear was that you had two more boats immediately and directly behind you, one which was crewed by a person who didn't fully understand what the tiller was for. And good luck to you sir, on the AngloWelsh hire boat steaming through the Nantwich moorings at high speed, slowed only by your massive collision with the bridge which was not unexpected when you had no less than 4 people on your boat shouting "more left" & "more right" - at the same time! at you at the tiller. It was fun meeting you again later in the day and realising that you thought the throttle had just 2 settings, "on" and "off", again while travelling past moored boats. And finally may I suggest counselling to you sir. Your lady partner clearly indicated that I should continue to come on first to the bridge but 3 seconds later you accelerated fiercely! I don't mind waiting but I would like to know what you intend to do... After days of meeting very few at bridges or observing odd behaviour I seem to have made up for it in just one day! Nicly worded and much better than the usual standard we get to read