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  1. We were entered but there was some serious hull repairs needed so rather than risk anything we decided not to participate. Just for the perdantic ones I did let the organisers know, so that if they got more than 50 entrys we would not be stopping anyone from entering. It is a sad fact of life that deep drafted boats and shallow canals do not go together. We will I hope be doing 2018s event and will be our usual polite and helpfull selves when it comes to letting people past, lifting a paddle for those following and getting a lot on the blade so the others don't
  2. If you have a single big eye windlass then all you need is a short length of 90 degree steel section of the right thickness cut and filled to fit inside the existing big eye to reduce it down to fit the small eye. One problem with this is if you use a long throw big eye make sure you miss the balance beam with your knuckles. If you are good with a file then the insert can be made a slight force fit that needs a tap on the metalwork of a gate to fit or remove it. windlass insert.pdf
  3. Getting the broken stud out - a couple of ways. Find a engineering place with a spark eroder and take the head to them. Or A blunted left hand centre drill might do the trick. I saw it for the first time and could not work it out at first. Milling machine going the wrong way for drilling and a centre drill in the chuck But I kid you not they do exist. http://www.phantomdrills.co.uk/shop/product/left_hand_drill_bits
  4. From the Museum own web site. "Illustrated talks are held at 7.30 pm, on the first Thursday of each month except August. Most speakers illustrate their presentations with photographs. The museum is open 1000 to 1930 on the first Thursday of each month. Admission to talks and museum is charged at the usual museum admission charges. The programme is given below. In the event of any last minute changes to lectures or other events the site will be updated if sufficient notice is available."
  5. Churchward I think you may well be right about the weight being a bit light. Ballast barrels, we use the blue plastic ones 44 gallons capacity therefore 44 X 10 = 440 ibs per barrel. 5 barrels in the back of the hold gets the counter almost flat on 5 X 440 = 2220 lbs. That works out to just over a metric Tonne Dont know where you been boating Pete but you need an awfull lot of rain to get the shuts and a pallet under water. I did take a 5 cylinder ( not sure of the make it was a long time ago ) one for a ride one year it was in storage in the hold and it had a holiday. That was just sitting nicely just towards the back of the middle of the hold.
  6. 150 Kilos is 6 X 25 Kilo bags of coal to get things into perspective. If you were bothered about the draft put it just a little forward of the centre or if you have ballast barrels empty one of them and put the block at the back of the hold
  7. Not to be critical or nit picking and no offence meant. "Not to mention the naughty bits - as in - looping the line around gate guard rails - OK if you know what you're doing." Butty rudder is easily damaged and without an engine to keep the boat on the gate or a strapping post in the right place the alternative is the rail on the gate. That the rope is low down thus lessoning the mechanical advantage as well so very little force on the hand rail. Where the balance beam has the raised large metal rectangular hand hold at the end of the beam a couple of wrap around that is also used.
  8. Dont know if it will work with old petrol rather than with fresh petrol but you can get an additive to keep petrol in good condition while in storage. Put "fuel stabiliser" into ebay for a choice of products
  9. Dont forget to drain the gerbox / reduction box as well if you have the water cooled one fitted.
  10. The cleat could well be for a line of the fore end when you need to hold a boat as far forwards as possible. A butty in a lock the rudder is vulnerable so you take a line off to keep it on the gate.
  11. Aquarium shop or a industrial pipe fitting supply place.
  12. If you get the lead ( graphite ) out of a pencil and make it into a fine powderl and mix it with some oil to make a thick paste. Put some on the threads that are jamming and it will help to stop them from seizing up again. Or see if you can get a little bit of copperslip to put on the threads.
  13. Have removed the post as it could have touched a nerve
  14. Coventry Climax engines. The fire pump was F.W.P. - feather weight pump 1042cc this evolved into F.W.A. the A for Automobile 1098cc F.W.B. 1460cc still for car use and the F.W.E. at 1216cc for the Lotus Elite ( Lotus type Number 14 ) The imp engine was derived from a later fire pump design.
  15. Shower at Broad Street Basin. The shower at Westport is well hidden, its a unmarked door below the visitor centre. IIRC its seen from the path that leads to the visitor centre and I think its on the side nearest the canal. Takes standard bwb key. Showers at Brentford above the gauging lock