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  1. Hi, New to forum, but have known about it for long time as Husband is a long standing member. This is my first post. I was Joint Manager of a pub a long time ago. It seems to me the only way to make money is to do good home cooked fresh food. We had a great turn over, my ex was the chef and everything was cooked fresh to order. We had a big following and a good turnover and profit margin.Speaking as a parent I'm not sure smoking ban would have a great effect on a pub that does good food business because where you lose the smokers you get the parents that can now bring their children in. We certainly now take our little one to more pubs now there's no smoking anywhere.Don't know if this helps anyone anywhere but glad I've finally got around to posting for myself!P.S. Not got a boat ourselves but know I'd never, never go back to running a pub instead of boating. Get a manager in if you do go for it.