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  1. Take socialist max and you end up with Venezuala. Corbyn championed the former leader Mr Chavez.
  2. Governments need to create wealth to tax. The socialist never really address that fact; just promise behaviours to stem wealth creation and borrow more merely putting off the day.
  3. Yes!
  4. Coming soon Saltley Trader, Rickmansworth Trader, Uxbridge Trader and last but by no means least, Springer Trader.
  5. Thanks. Couple of people were interested the the <not brilliant> model which we found in an antiques centre (did not buy). However a bit of research (ta Tim) reveals it's a model that is not unique and available on line for a price 0.33 of what antique centre wanted (£55 quid).
  6. Rocket!
  7. Yes the 4 big sluices are an illusion.
  8. We noted the 4 large very well maintained overflow sluices in the (Hallingbury) mill used to guide excess water into natural river and keep levels even.
  9. Yes a window into the soul of the new management. This should have been a proud addition to their books especially at that fooking price. Amateur.
  10. Blimey sounds like it was serious. Was being the operative word here because from now on all will be improvements! Cheers Betty.
  11. Ive solved the problem. Ive bought up the whole future stock so there is none left. I am however buying an ice cream van to which at 1000% mark up I might be pursuaded to drop nearby. Ps your motorised blimp / drone could have been used for collection?
  12. Teak effect carpets from the sustainable carpet tree forests.
  13. There is an old bugger called Andy moored near you, ask him he is a bit of a whizz. Allegedly.
  14. Yes fmc.
  15. Is this boat still extant and anyone want a model of it?