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  1. Just add £4k to the licence for any new declarations to cc. Waive 4k fee via grandfather rights to existing compliant ccers. What do CaRT care re static boats and overcrowded waterways?. Every new static shed on the waterways is more licence money for them and "up yours" to the boaters that want to move/moor without impediment. One reason I'm off the CaRT waterways for a while and onto other waters.
  2. Hell is other people.
  3. Bruce Forsyth and his rug.
  4. Replied saying "no self drive until they get certification which is going through".
  5. I have a paid for booking in Little Venice which I can't make - 4 days 3 nights. Late Aug. I'm happy to give up to another boater as long as they make a £20 charity donation (to their charity of choice). Note I'm not sure these "booked and paid for moorings" in Little Venice are transferable hence I don't want money PM me for dates.
  6. I've texted them asking them interested in hiring but first to confirm commercial insurance for hiring, licence for same and BSC. Will report back if I get reply.
  7. If you like cocunuts you could dine out every day on the GU past / near Bulls Bridge.
  8. I think perhaps, the Vorderwoman. She never lost that terrible laugh though. Now if the title was "celebs who look weirder as they age" .........
  9. Two fishing rods. I wonder if they check whether the potential fisher people have a rod licence and then tells em they need to possibly join the angling club controlling the angling under the boat too. Difficult one. Duty of Care and all that. If it was a "shed" with hazards I would dob em in. If not, be inclined to shrug off.
  10. As they get older. It's in the subtitle.
  11. Now you have defined London a bit better you will be fine. Once past Kensal Cemetry on the GU it's "normal".
  12. You are allowed to put vast quantities coconuts into the canal in West London.
  13. Is that a real bird?