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  1. Won't be until after the Historic boat gathering at Alvecote (August Bank Holiday) as we are having some refit work done, Sarah is aiming for finishing the week before. If there is plenty of water in the Oxford Canal we will be coming down that way, so will stop at T n K overnight (find something to moor alongside).........
  2. Not many at the moment as we are down here and Hare is up there
  3. Yes Rob it is Hare Thanks Mark & Kim
  4. Thank you!
  5. Correct
  6. Guess what we've got
  7. We have a salamander ( not the lizardy thing) that goes inline between the water tank outlet and the pump, it has cut down a lot of our very hard water scale.
  8. I have the sure cal vertical 75ltr one it is very short and dumpy 595mm tall. It has an an immersion and runs off the Kabola E7 as well.
  9. I have managed to go to work today, but still feel totally worn out and I had the flu jab.......
  10. My esteemed partner (Chris) says contact Uxbridge Boat Centre on 01895 252019 speak to Liz or Linda, they are closed Mondays tho.
  11. Even Baldock rolled when hit by the trip boats three foot waves over the bow! and that was a large woolwich....... P.S. dear.... Don't you mean boat not body?......running to hide now
  12. I still have the GL from Monday and I didn't have cake....Started with awful cough and hard to get my breath, changed to totally drained and not at all hungry. Now back to cough and runny nose and still feel **** Worst of all lost the taste for tea (and alchohol)
  13. are you building new or buying second hand? if new you could consider lister or izuzu......... talk to Chris at marine engine services, uxbridge second hand lister, bmc or perkins.................. talk to same person for advice and spares but if you are mechanically minded then vintage as to how good and service reports a lot of owners don't record services!
  14. Hello, Get some e-cover multi surface cleaner, put cover on a solid surface apply e-cover (spray or liquid) use a stiff scrubbing brush rinse off simples! It also seems to inhibit regrowth of slime. SWMBO Mrs Baldock
  15. Aw noooo not narrowboat darts again pleeease