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  1. BA

    Also seems very suspicious to me too. When I was in charge of the company's computer systems, all accounting and user data was in three different places every night, with automated checking. Plus there was a second server system which would also have all data copied over to every night and could be switched in in minutes. Not to mention the off-site backups. This just for a small company with a Unix server and about a dozen PCs. My backup regime was the only way I could sleep at night. Computer Weekly was full of articles stressing importance of verified backups and mirror systems. I just cannot see how anyone could run a system as large and mission-critical as BA's system without having continuous backups and mirroring. Somebody is being rather economical with the truth - I suspect it is down cheese-paring directors and weak management.
  2. I would go for the celery-leaved buttercup, from shape of the leaves and the small petals. Likes wet places.
  3. The car has now been removed from lock 70 and the navigation is open.
  4. Have you ever been on a foreign holiday , or even a UK one, and taken a picture of a market, or some local fishing boats setting out to sea, or a picturesque little side street in a village somewhere? What is the difference? You are in a public placve, possibly adding to the character of the area. I would be quite pleased if someone thought I was interesting enough, and pretty enough, to worthy of a colour photograoh.
  5. I have brass cradles which are held on the roof with 5mm countersunk setscrews. The roof (4mm) is drilled and tapped. They've been there ten years with no sign of leaking. put a bit of silicone on if you are worried, but if screwed down properly they will not leak. My solar panel is fixed in a similar fashion. ETA: so move the cradle!
  6. Probably best not to make comments here about what you want to say. Stockport are likely to come across it and it makes it look like an organised campaign.
  7. Vetus just have a big box with no filter. On my previous boat with a Thorneycroft engine, there was a pancake-type filter. I removed it and found that surprisingly the engine was quieter, and seemed to use less fuel. I think even with a new filter it was constricting the airflow quite a bit. I don't think boat engines are subjected to the same sort of grit and dust that a car engine would get; the box is basically there to stop you dropping a nut down the air intake. So you could just leave the air filter out!
  8. I usually come here first in the morning, before looking at the news. So this thread alerted me to it. It's not often that the news gets to my rather jaded soul, but this one did. What makes someone think this would be a good target? Maximum publicity I suppose. Still feel very shocked about this, and not far from home.
  9. But bear in mind that most leaks from windows will go down behind the lining, and possibly the insulation (and may not reappear for several feet). The usual source of water staining the window surrounds and cabin sides is from condensation, which would of course affect a wallpaper lining.
  10. Some time ago someone posted on here, horrified that a man had pee'd in the canal. It prompted me to do a quick calculation: Take the typical Shroppie, say 10 metres wide. Average depth across that width 1 metre (I wish!, but it is often more than 10m wide to compensate). so that is 10 million litres of water in one kilometre. I don't think a bit of urine in that sort of quantity of water is going to make much difference. Particularly as half the water feeding the Shroppie is coming straight out of the Wolverhampton sewage works.
  11. Seen a few vinyl-wrapped boats. One was done in a zebra print - very distinctive! There is, or used to be, one on the Bridgewater advertising a marina development. Seen a couple of others around that were done for advertising. It shouldn't be any more difficult than doing a van and should last just as well.
  12. A tip when splicing, especially if, like mine, they are not as neat as you would like. After finishing your splice, roll it backwards and forwards under your foot on a hard surface. It's remarkable how it can make a dodgy splice look quite neat.
  13. And if when we were not responsible, we were trusted not to get caught.
  14. No problem. There are plenty of second-hand boats around, and some are good value. However a friend has been looking for a 35 - 40ft boat and has been appalled at the quality of many of the boats being offered at quite high prices. I've seen some and am amazed at the prices people are asking for near-sinking wrecks. I suspect it is because this is a popular size for people wanting to live on a boat in London and relies on the naivety of the buyer.
  15. As I said earlier, contact Aqueduct Marina: AINTREE BEETLES Exclusive to Aqueduct Brokerage the Aintree’s Beetle FabFour Range is an ideal way to get afloat with an impressive specification and excellent build quality as standard. There are four lengths to choose from, each with two layout options and with several opportunities to personalise you’re Beetle. Apply for a brochure or if you want to discuss a purchase, please contact us. Prices from £29,950.