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  1. The gulper excepts 19 and 25mm hose, is the hoses you measured the inner diameter as they don't look to be standard sizes that you've got.
  2. You control the speed and air flow with a PWM controller (or reduce the voltage for the fan using resistors). For the same airflow the bigger fan is much more quieter as it doesn't need to run as fast. It was common on PC builds to upgrade the fans to a bigger ones and run at 7v. Now the speed is controlled by temperature tho via PWM.
  3. When you bus bar up, get some heat shrink (pref. lined with adhesive) as well to finish off the terminal ends.
  4. Small fans make more noise than big fans, so bigger the better.
  5. They are Trojans, that is the colour but I wouldn't say it was as red, they are kinda of Purple with a hint of brown. Rolls are bright red. edit to add, Trojan say they are Maroon in there tech specs.
  6. Trojans are not red, that is for the elite class of Rolls
  7. You have a few too many connections to the positive terminal, it's best to really keep to only a few and use a bus bar for others. The biggest cable should also be the closest to the terminal.
  8. This is what happens when petrol vapour allows to collect instead of disperse...
  9. I regard it for things that need immediate attention.
  10. Check the voltage of the solar panels that in series it doesn't go over 100v. MTTP works better with higher voltages.
  11. Most use a separate skin fitting for the waste pipe, doesnt need a pump as already has one.
  12. Confirmation on whatever CWDF does NarrowboatWorld has to copy!
  13. Buying an old boat is like buying a old car, a good name doesn't mean jack if the maintenance of the car over the years has been poor. So going by name alone doesn't equal good condition. For me I just looked for the style of boat I liked, check the condition then researched the name.
  14. Well it would hurt if ya kick yourself