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  1. iPhone before and after.. (the gallery and footer is also removed, but isn't inthe screen shot)
  2. How now mine looks with 1Blocker blocking the elements I care not about... (before and after)
  3. Just seen 1Blocker has been updated and it's now easy to block elements from the iPad/iPhone itself. I would recommend it for any iPad / phone user to block ads and annoying elements like the gallery images sidebar
  4. Can you post us the eelement / URL to block, I can't get to it from iPad, but I can use it to add to 1Block
  5. Another vote for removing them,
  6. Looks like I was looking at the manual for the BD35 heavy duty so ignore my comment above. The normal BD35 manual recommends 15amp for 12v as well.
  7. Wrong thread
  8. I hope that was reply was in jest, the boat effectively weighs the same as water so it's not heavier than it.
  9. I was looking at the manual for a danfoss compressor bd35f which seems to be the common compressor in most 12v fridges.
  10. Still incorrect, as an empty lock is water + boat weight, can't use your figures as there isn't enough water when empty. empty lock = 50 ton full lock = 100 ton 1 boat, 25 ton Full lock = 75 ton water 25 ton boat = 100 empty lock = 25ton water, 25 ton boat = 50 amount of water to turn lock 75-25=50 ton another boat, 20 ton. full lock = 80 ton water, 20 ton boat = 100 empty lock = 30ton water, 20 ton boat = 50 amount of water difference to turn lock 80-30=50 ton
  11. Are you sure it's 15amp, the common danfoss bd35 compressor that's in these fridges require 30amp fuse (12v).
  12. Although when you say Archimedes I keep thinking of the computer!
  13. No but it explains a lot about Bizzard :-)
  14. No, Re read it, he said displaces the same weight of water as the weight of the boat.
  15. It's a well known fact that boats are made of liquid and can also transverse via the sluices as well! Doesn't matter if lock has no boats or the heaviest boat you can find (as long as it still floats in the lock) the water used to turn a lock is the same.