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  1. Well it must be condensation. I'm just surprised how much there is. Thank you.
  2. The cabin bilge is totally separate from the engine bilge. It's not slower with a full tank.
  3. I blacked the boat last summer. Under the cratch is not insulated. But two litres over night!!! Orb goes directly out the side of the boat. No signs of leaks anywhere. "Orb" ferchrissakes. Prv.
  4. Thanks for the replies. Stainless tank. I have the problem with a full or empty tank. Ventilation Yes plenty. Cooking. I don't think I would create that much moisture, maybe if I emptied the pans on the floor. I've checked all the plumbing and there are no visible signs of leaks anywhere. It's definitely not weather related. Last year I had a period of about three months with a dry bilge. If I had a leak from outside I would assume it would be constant. I have checked everything when the pump is running. The only place I can't get to is under the shower tray, but the water is clean, no evidence of soap or bodily detritus 😳
  5. Good one. At least I'd know what it was.
  6. Yes but it's not that. I get it even if I don't. In an hour I've got a cup full in the bilge.
  7. after "... not dirty water" that will clean your post up Thanks. Still can't get it right.
  8. No. It's happened for quite a while now. Sometimes it's a lot more, if I leave it a few days.
  9. Hello. It makes no difference if I'm moving or not. The well deck is drained and most of the time I have the crates cover down. It's definitely not weather related and it's not dirty water. It happens with a near empty tank and sometimes even with a full tank it stays dry for a couple of days.
  10. Morning. I keep getting up to 2 litres or water a day in my cabin bilge. The shower tray doesn't leak, I've been right through the whole plumbing system, no leaks and no signs of damp anywhere and the pump never cycles. Its not rain or weather related. It's doing my head in. I thought about introducing some sort of dye at various places to try and eliminate each part. Condensation could maybe part of the problem I know, but up to two litres at any one time does seem quite a lot. Steve P
  11. I bet you would😉 Ok thanks. I'll pm my number if I need help. I don't think it has. It hasn't been left long enough. I use straight 50 in it and it clings really well.
  12. I'll give it a go. I don't want to put too much pressure on the kickstart.
  13. Yes.
  14. I think my bikes engine may have siezed. I can't kick it over and I can't push it in gear with the clutch in. I put diesel down the bores a month ago and still no luck. Has anyone got any ideas as to what it could be? It's been stored in an insulated dry garage for a year or so.