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  1. It's the City Council, rather than the County, who have taken ownership. Prior to 2014, as there was no clear owner, there was no aggrieved party who could claim the boats are trespassing. Now that ownership has been asserted, the boats have tacit consent to be there, whilst the Council were consulting and deciding what to do- so again, not illegal. No one has been evicted or charged with trespass. Since the decision made on 20th March, where they stated 7 boats would be allowed to remain, they could choose to start proceedings against the ones they don't want there- but, again, they're doing nothing at the moment, apart from giving tacit consent to moorings.
  2. The trip boat I skipper has two exhaust outlets on the transom, one 3" diameter for the main engine exhaust, and one 2" diameter for the generator (a 20kW 3000 rpm Vetus unit). Both can become submerged when the 8000 litre pump out tanks are full. Both have substantial swans necks, raised nearly 3' above the outlets, to remove any possibility of water entering the exhausts. If submerged, they happily burble away and chuck spray and smoke backwards and upwards- there isn't really any difference between the loudness with them out of the water, or under water. Having a pipe facing vertically downwards into the water might be different, but I'd be more inclined, based on the loudness of the tripboat exhausts, to use a silencer and box in the engine a bit.
  3. Second Mike Carter.
  4. And yet the lockie at Earith was very interested in the licence of a boat we were towing through to West View last year, to the extent of holding us in the lock whilst he phoned the Cam Conservators. Depends who it is, I guess. We've sometimes bought short term licences from Denver which is helpful, they seem a bit more on the ball there than Earith.
  5. The Lark, especially the top end, is great.
  6. No one raked it with a keb or shaft yet?
  7. No it isn't. Because no one was sure who owned the land before 2014, there was no riparian owner to control mooring- so not illegal. Since 2014, boats moored with the Council’s consent- so also not illegal.
  8. Oh, and the Council have had to apologise for calling mooring on the Railings (the area in dispute) "illegal", as mooring there has never been illegal- it's a grey area but it certainly isn't illegal to moor there.
  9. I'm a bit worried by that 240v socket labelled "240v". Are there any other 240 v style sockets (with the square holes) that are not connected to 240v? I ask because I helped rewire a boat where the previous owner had bodged 240v sockets into the 12v system, and attached 240v plugs to his 12v items- a disaster waiting to happen!!
  10. Welcome to the forum! Why 6' 11.5"? I say thay as someone with a 7' 3/8" wide historic boat. Why add another 1.5" which the customer won't notice, until they try to, say, get up Hurleston onto the Llangollen canal, and find they can't?
  11. We use a Wonderbag when not cruising. It's an insulated bag, rather like a large beanbag. Start the cooking process to heat up the pan, and then leave it in the bag to simmer and cook with its own retained heat for however long you wish, up to six hours. No power use whatsoever, but slightly more cooking faff as you have to start the meal on the cooker and then transfer it into the bag once part done to finish off.
  12. Not the most accurate reporting in the world. There has been a section of river where mooring has been unregulated for the past 25 years, with wrangles over ownership. The city council believes it has now proved ownership, and in October 2014 had liveaboard boaters register that they were there, onto a regulated (but free of charge) mooring scheme. Now, they plan to keep only 7 moorings (or of 30 or so boats) and the remaining 12 on the regulated list, they say, will be found moorings elsewhere, on the paid for residential mooring scheme- not that there is enough physical space, as I told the committee at their meeting having measured it, but they told me that thEy were sure there was..... We shall see. Any new boats arriving (three) since 2014 didn't influence the Council; 2 have since left. The problem for the Council will come when they try and move the 12 boats onto their other paid-for moorings, and attempt to evict the remaining ten or so. It will get very messy and unpleasant. The residential mooring scheme is now being charged by length (unsurprising) which is a big departure from the previous focus on basing charges on services used (e.g. there was a single person discount, now scrapped) towards charging purely for the amenity of mooring. Some people are facing overnight mooring fee increases of 50%. That said, the increases are no way as large as the Council originally wanted to impose (they originally wanted to auction at commercial rates, and then having u turned over that, at least double the fees) and the fact that they will permit some boats to remain on Riverside (the disputed area with up to noe free mooring) is a starting point.
  13. Well, we're trapped until it is fixed, and have a wedding to get the boat to- ours!!!! Annoying. Need to leave in two weeks time....
  14. Got passed last weekend by the first hire boats from Ely. That's a sure sign spring is here!