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  1. Really? I shall never be able to look at you in quite the same way again Cheers, MP.
  2. It's the responsibility of the MLC up to and including the guillotine gate. The tidal river side landing and channel are EA territory. Cheers, MP.
  3. That's going to be a problem. Trip across The Wash instead? Cheers, MP.
  4. Mickey-Mouse US sockets are not much good even for Mickey-Mouse US electricity. Why would you possibly want to voluntarily use them for anything? Best for 12v outlets are Hella sockets and plugs. MP.
  5. Set it to back up contacts in Google's cloud. I know, Big Brother and all that, but it's so much easier. On the subject of BB. I've been driving once a week to the National Museum of Computing at Bletchley Park as volunteer. The drive from Duxford to Milton Keynes is a bit horrible so I always use Google Maps navigate function to take round jams and problems. I've only ever told it to take me to Bletchley, but it's learned, and now when I open Google maps on a weekday morning, it's all ready to take me, and not only to Bletchley, or even Bletchley Park, but Block H in Bletchley Park, where the TNOMC has its building. They know, you know. MP.
  6. BLEVE - Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapour Explosion. MP.
  7. Could add some interest to the BCN challenge. MP.
  8. Happy Birthday from the Moomins, Captain P. Trust you are soon reunited with Mrs P. MP.
  9. What a fabulous address! I wonder if Pillings Lock Marina do a mail-forwarding service for CCers? Cheers, MP.
  10. Growing up just north of Newcastle, I regarded Leeds as being in the deep south. MP.
  11. I read somewhere (maybe even here) that the lock was originally built on wooden piles with a wooden floor, which has failed. If you put gates on and tried to fill it, the water would just flow out underneath..... MP.
  12. To be fair, those signs are on the offside, nice mooring towpath-side all along there. MP.
  13. A license system only works of all contribute. If a license is not required to keep a boat in a marina connected to the navigation, then most boats, which spend most time in a marina, need only buy a short-term visitor license, and the system degenerates into a pay-per-passage arrangement, which isn't practical on enforcement or equity grounds. Why do you think that other navigations have the same rules, and the EA have just introduced them on the Thames? MP.
  14. Is that available online? I scanned the last minutes I could find online, but it's a long document and I may have missed something. MP.
  15. Salter's Lode is not used as a sluice. Stanground is, but certainly wouldn't require a full-time keeper plus relief if it were just used for water ingress from the Nene. In conversation with Iain Smith, I've got the strong impression that the last thing they want to do is hand over the navigation to another authority. I hope they are talking to both the EA and CRT about extending the gold license to cover the ML. MP.