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  1. This one is below the lock, which I guess explains the upper mark: the higher the water level in the lower pound, the smaller the head for the mill. I guess there is/was a similar plate above the lock, but I didn't look. MP.
  3. He's right that there shouldn't be much endfloat. This was the exact problem that caused me to have to rebuild my box. In my case the problem was severe wear in the bearing, due to misalignment of the reduction box and bearing carrier because the mountings were broken. A more likely cause would be that the locating ring for the bearing ( part 11 in the exploded diagram) is loose, allowing the outer race to move in the bearing carrier. That would be a relatively easy fix, but still involve removing the reduction box for access. I would however note that even with lots of endfloat, I didn't experience the problem you're seeing. MP.
  4. If it helps, I can scan and post the instructions for adjusting the box. There are only three adjustments: the screw on the reverse rocker and the two screws on the forward over-centre levers. Cheers, MP.
  5. Bah, ignore my previous. I completely misremembered it. The fork and lever have splines. No further useful suggestions, expect here's the exploded diagram.
  6. Both the fork which actuates the ahead gear and the lever-with-roller which actuates reverse are keyed onto the cross shaft with bolts. If either of those has come unscrewed. then either the fork or the level will have moved relative to the shaft, possibly producing the effect you're seeing. The threads are in the fork/lever, and the bolts have a plain section on the end distant from the head. They screw into the fork/lever and the plain end projects into a plain hole in the shaft. If you can see, check that both these bolts are screwed fully home. There should be lock washes on them. If the lock washer is loose, even if the bolt is tight, then the bolt has unscrewed and the fork or lever rotated on the shaft. If that's the case, loosenthe bolt further until the fork/lever rotates freely, and then snug it up just enough that you can feel when the plain end in going into the hole as you rotate it relative to the shaft. The bolt should then screw right down onto the lock washer. This bolt also locates the fork/lever axially, so getting it in the right position involves possibly moving it along the shaft too. When I put mine back together, I did all that before installing the gear clusters, so the parts may not even accessible with the box together. I'm not offering to take the cover off mine to check. Cheers, MP.
  7. Define "stuck in reverse". Do you mean that the lever won't move out of the reverse position, or that the gearbox still drives in reverse even when it's in neutral? AFAIK no Lister-Blackstone box uses springs on the clutch. certainly mine doesn't. It's held in forward by over-centre leavers. Possibly the linings on the reverse brake-band have broken up and jammed between the band and the drum. Can you see the reverse rocker? It looks like an oversize valve rocker-arm and is mounted on either the left or right, depending on the direction of rotation of the engine. One end is operated by a lever and roller on the gear-selection cross-shaft (the one with the external gear lever on it) and the other end has an adjustment screw with locknut bearing on a projection on the reverse brake-band. If that lever is immovable due to brake-band problems then that will stop the lever going over and jam the selection shaft in reverse. Temporary fix would be to slacken off the adjustment screw on the end of the rocker. Cheers, MP. Cutaway drawing here: r
  8. Just that, really. I can understand how anomalies like the L&L and fens happened on isolated waterways long before they interconnected, but why build a 15 mile river navigation which connects to another river and then to the Thames, and make the locks 13ft wide, rather than the 14ft of the river you're connecting to? Cheers, MP.
  9. A timely thread for the Moomins, who are considering whether to escape to Ireland or Scotland (or somewhere else) to avoid being stuck on a small island with Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson. The strategy would be: For Scotland: be born in Scotland (nope) or be resident there (could be done) when Scotland leaves the UK (if it does) and rejoins the EU (if it does.) For Ireland: be born in Eire or NI (nope) or go and live there for five years under the Common Travel Area (unless May and the headbangers notice that we've had freedom of movement with Ireland since independence and cancel it.) Then apply for citizenship and get an EU passport back. Unfortunately, neither of these strategies address the problem that all our assets (property and pensions) are denominated in Sterling and have already devalued 20% and will continue to do so as Little England sails into the post-imperial sunset. It's a bit of a bugger, really. MP.
  10. New Jabsco par-max 3.5 bought from Stansted Abbots and installed. Many thanks. As expected there's a tiny split in the diaphragm of the old one, but since it has a manufacturing date of 2004, I reckon it doesn't owe me much. Cheers, MP.
  11. My faithful Johnson pumps Aquajet appears to be dying, It's leaking into the motor, so probably just needs a new diaphragm, but Johnson seem to have abandoned the UK market, and the only service kits I can find are silly money from the US. Given the above, I need to buy a new pump in the next few days, whilst we're on the Lea and Stort. So, where is a good place to go? I know it's a distress purchase, but I could do without being totally ripped off. We're currently at Waltham Common lock, next to Cheshunt, and heading upstream. Will do both Lea and Stort, and no real preference which we go to the end of first. Also, what do the team recommend for water pumps these days? We're liveaboards, so reliable and long lived. Existing pump is specced at 13l/min and don't want to drop from that. Cheers, MP.
  12. Birmingham, sort of The plan is to explore the Lee and Stort and find somewhere to leave the boat whilst to join Team Tawny Owl for the BCN challenge. Anywhere along here is easy for a station on the Cambridge to Liverpool Street line, which will get us collect the Ford Focus of Doom. That will take us on the Brum trip, with a stop-off in Market Harborough to exchange a faulty battery. After that, back to London and then up the Thames and eventually the South Oxford. MP.
  13. Thanks again. We got though Stonebridge lock and then the rain started, but lo! there was a Melaleuca-sized gap in the endless line of moored boats, so that where we are for tonight. Some confusion was caused at Tottenham lock by the lack or readable signage and the huge CRT workboat occupying the lock landing, but we made it through. And for those who are doing the same trip, yes, the tiny hole in the wall seemingly with a building-site behind really is the entrance to Duckett's cut from the Regent's Canal Cheers, MP. .
  14. Excellent information, thanks. (I may have exaggerated about the West London situation. We came past lost of space in Perivale and Old Oak Common.). Cheers, MP.
  15. We've just bagged the last free mooring in West London. Setting off tomorrow morning from Paddington along the Regent's and Hertford Union and up the Lee, where are good places to aim for overnight mooring tomorrow on the Lee? MP.