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  1. Yeah, the unloaded pans didn't need it as the prop wash went right under them, as you say the Jebus being deeper than an unloaded pan would have got in the way, so they pushed them. There is a autobiography of someone who used to work steam tugs in the area, and I can't remember who. Back on topic, seems to be a lack of historic butties for sale at the moment?
  2. To be fair, they would get a bigger historic discount, since it's done on percentage, but it's a fair point.
  3. Get to know your engine is the main thing. Trail runs, preferably fast, and long to ensure everything is working. After that it's just chance, and I'd put my money on a properly built old engine than a modern engine any day. However these Lister engines were made for long period running, like in gensets and seas.
  4. Have you got the one with Zac and Caro showing off Victoria? One of the earlier ones I think.
  5. He of course was talking about the introduction of the 'center' paddles on the top gates: Mike
  6. Pocky: Market Weighton:
  7. Of course, everyone is forgetting what must be one of the biggest locks in the UK, Weston Point Dock at roughtly 1000 ft x 126 ft chamber, has fitted over 150 narrow boats with room to do doughnuts in the middle for anyone who would feel the need! As seen here, from 1:17... Mike
  8. Boss in this case means in command, a controlled method...
  9. I don't know, mine looks fairly similar Laurence!
  10. Just in time for the festive season, I present to you a trip from Liverpool Docks, across the Mersey, and onwards up the River Weaver to Acton Bridge, for the Steam Gathering held there in early October. From the description: Join the 1913 Steam Tug Kerne on her trip from Liverpool to Acton Bridge on the River Weaver via the Manchester Ship Canal. It's not a simple trip, first having to wait for the Seatruck Progress departing for Dublin, along with other vessels. Once we had picked up extra crew at Ellesmere Port, the problems didn't stop as we needed to find the newly dredged channel into Marsh Lock, the entrance to the Weaver. As it was shallow a pump with rigged up to take cleaner water as the boat plowed through the mud at various points allow the River. Even getting a tow over the worse part, where the Daniel Adamson later got stuck. Happy Christmas one and all, Myk
  11. Victoria, and presumably the other Yarwood Royalty boats were made from Coppered Steel. As people have said, it's an alloy. There is a stamp on the steel on Victoria, however I have lost the image from the last paint stripping. Mike
  12. I'm not sure the technology or materials existed then, but as an expert on hydraulics perhaps you can say Dan? Mike
  13. Hi Folks, Due to popular demand on youtube (well, one person at least!) I've put up another 'Slow TV' boating video, again boating down the North Oxford (it's really boring with no locks, so I think what else can I do, so set up my camera to do some filming!) Here it is: Cheers, Mike
  14. I have been on it, aged 9 when it was run with cables and counter balances, but I don't remember it I wished I'd seen the control room then. The current control is really boring, with a little PC on a desk! Mike
  15. Have you ever wondered how to climb over the Anderton Boat lift without getting into bother? Well, now you can, with a great and informative tour at the top of one of the great canal icons. See for more info. However, if you don't like heights, or can't wait, here is a video showing the fun to be had: Enjoy, Mike