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  1. Sorry it ain't my problem, those who voted for it are now the one's responsible for making sure it works, not me. Don't forget I lost so no longer have any interest one way or the other, I'm going to play the Farage role of repeatedly telling you how crap it all is, he seemed to have made a good living at it over the years
  2. The trouble is that it is tedious rather than humorous. May gives the speech whereby she want us all to 'pull together' for a united country and your take on it is that those who voted remain got their 'arse kicked', well that sounds a good pulling together approach to me. Faced with that attitude my take on it is she can shove her 'let's all pull together' approach where the sun doesn't shine (all in the best 'humorous' taste of course).
  3. I think from my reading of the OP that it doesn't sound as though he had moored close to someone's home. If his assessment if correct he would have been about 150 feet from the nearest boat and 200 yards to the house of the complainant. Now I don't know what engine is fitted in his boat, but you'd be hard pushed to hear my engine 200 yards away (I've been shouted at by fishermen a quarter of that distance away who claimed that they didn't hear me coming). From what I can see on mapping, if the OP was near to London Bridge there is an A road (the A49) passing over the bridge so he is hardly disturbing the peace and quiet of some rural idyll. Now if I'm moored outside of someone's house (Cropredy comes to mind) I will refrain from running the engine, more for the engine fumes than any noise problem, but 200 yards away? It starts to raise the question how close is too close? 200 yards? 500yards?1000 yards? I think what I would have found objectionable was the fact that the complainant seems to have felt it was OK to bang on the boat of the OP but doesn't seem to have waited to have a civilised discussion with him (OP states that when he stepped out he saw the complainant going down the embankment into his house). It is often easier to get what you want by making a civilised, coherent case than ranting. A conversation along the lines of, "Excuse me but we're in a bit of a cutting along here and when boaters run their engines the fumes tend to concentrate and drift into people's houses, do you think that you could keep the engine running to a minimum" would probably get the result the complainant wanted (I would respond to that, even it the tale weren't true). Someone banging on the boat telling me to turn my engine off doesn't really start from a good baseline does it?
  4. The link worked OK and pretty much verified what I said, the implosion of Yugoslavia resulted from the actions within Yugoslavia following the death of Tito. I don't know how he did it but he held the country together (probably because he was seen as saving them from the Fascists). There was never any chance of a UN/NATO 'quick fix' since no-one wanted to be seen to support one side over the other, if you supported the Serbs then in the view of the Bosnians you were against them and vice versa and throwing the Kosovans and Croats into the mix created a very complex situation. Any support of one was seen as opposition to the other. The EU or even the European Communities had no role in any of this, the war began in 1991 and NATO entered the fray in 1992 so were involved almost from the outset. That is not to say that European Leaders weren't involved but there was no EU position on the matter (In the same vein there was no EU position on the 2003 Iraq War, the UK unwisely supported it and the French and German Governments didn't). Without any military assets any view that the EU may have held on the matter would have been largely academic. NATO and the UN, both with military assets, failed to prevent the atrocities. It is funny how this free movement of the workers is seen as the source of our problems whilst the free movement of capital is largely ignored. This country loses billions by the creative tax schemes of numerous large companies who, whilst making large and real profits in the UK,ship their money abroad and claim to barely break even here (yes, Amazon and Starbucks and a whole variety of others, we are talking about you). Are we going to stop the free movement of capital by leaving the EU? Somehow I don't think so. If the Financial Institutions keeping this country solvent aren't allowed to shift their money about wherever they want they will simply decamp. The reason that the working man has been destroyed in the UK is that, without organised labour (unions) the trajectory of wages will always be downwards for the lower orders and upwards for the higher orders. I still believe that the way to reverse this would be to create a multiplier limit of top wages within a company to bottom wages. I have no objection to those at the top getting higher wages provided it is linked to those at the bottom getting the same percentage increase. What we get at the moment is the wages of those at the top are subsidised by crap wages at the bottom being made liveable by Tax Credits. If a company cannot pay reasonable rates they deserve to fail.
  5. You mean such dreadful things like the European Working Time Directive, The clean air directives, the clean water directives, the road vehicle pollution directives. The polices that most people are unhappy with are imposed by our own government, encouragement of a flexible workforce probably being highest on the list followed by crap housing policies. This has led to what is now known as the precariat living and working under conditions where nothing has any certainty any more. You might have work tomorrow, you might not, you might have somewhere to live, you might not, none of these have come from the EU.
  6. Yes, you were clearly there in a strategic position making all of the decisions....not. Probably one of the worst ethnic cleansing incidents was at Srebrenica which was under the protection of, yes, you guessed it, the UN, bog all to do with the EU . Without a military role (in fact without a military) perhaps you'd explain how the EU was supposed to run the show? Yes they tried diplomacy but that wasn't going to work given the history within the Balkans so if you want to say they failed, they failed at diplomacy, but at least they tried it, since they had nothing else. There is a good chance of it all flaring up again, and I just know that you will still blame the EU for it. Rather than googling it (which just gives you opinion pieces), try looking up the history of the Balkans, might have been where World War I started, but I could be wrong.
  7. You mean with our 'strong' trade deficit do you?
  8. Why would they? not really much to talk about is there, they can't negotiate during the celebration and since you are quite happy to leave we have nothing in common with them any more. Better not to get the invite than sit there like a wallflower.
  9. Hope she posts it second class, arriving on April Fools day would be soooo appropriate
  10. That has to be the biggest load of crap printed anywhere. To begin with let us try to establish which particular conflict you are referring to (not that it helps much since the EU doesn't do peacekeeping anyway since they don't have an army, the UK repeatedly vetoed that idea). If you are referring to the actual Balkan wars of the 1990's then that was precipitated by the death of Tito, and whilst the EU may wish to work miracles,immortality is well outside of their pay grade. The forces which then went into the peacekeeping were, I think you will find, NATO and UN forces, bugger all to do with the EU, so if it was cocked up, it was your hero NATO that had a part in it. My view is that the situation there is complex and it wasn't cocked up although serious mistakes were made ( Srebrenica being one of them), the best was made of a bad job and an uneasy peace remains there. If you are referring to the situation in Ukraine (which you will find is not in the Balkans) then that particular debacle is based in a cock up by one of Putin's predecessors, Khrushchev, who rather recklessly gave Crimea (containing the major Naval port of Sevastopol)to the Ukraine. Not the smartest move but he seems to have believed that the USSR would exist in perpetuity, so the thought of an independent Ukraine never crossed his mind. What you have in the Ukraine is a population that is split between about 75% Ukrainian and 20% Russian (roughly speaking). The Ukrainians themselves have no real wish to fall back under the control of Russia, whilst the Russian Ukrainians would be quite happy to do so. To try to weaken Russian influence the non-Russian Ukrainians (the majority) wanted to sign a association agreement with the EU. What do you think the EU should have said, "No, we're having nothing to do with you, you belong to Russia"? Unlike the Russian approach the EU doesn't march into countries, countries request membership. Putin obviously felt that he didn't want his influence in the Ukraine to be weakened, and he certainly couldn't afford to lose Sevastopol, which is why we are where we are at the moment. This is why those of us who support the EU get sickened by totally nonsense arguments about what they have and have not done. The deaths in the Ukraine (and the shot down civilian airliner) are down to Putin. How could they be down to an EU that possesses no army,navy or air force? What the people of Ukraine want is up to them and naff all to do with Putin.
  11. Yup your are totally right you are free to say whatever you like in Russia in admiration of Putin, odd how his opponents seem to end up dead though don't you think (Voronenkov,Nemtsov,Litvinenko, et al), natural causes seem a bit thin on the ground for his enemies. This 'legitimate Government' of Syria that barrel bombs and gases its own population do you mean? Strange interpretation of the word legitimate I would suggest, what would illegitimate look like?
  12. As pointed out in the previous post, there is no longer the option of moving anywhere until we have sorted out the residency rights. Why buy a property in another country that I may have no rights of residency in? Not 'spoiled for choice' there is currently no choice.
  13. As has been pointed out elsewhere this isn't how NATO works. Each country spends a figure on defence which has been recommended to be 2% of GDP, they do not pay AMERICA a figure on defence they spend it on themselves. America chooses how much they are going to pay on their own defence budget, if they are so unhappy with others defence budget then cut the figure that they spend on Defence to match it, but that isn't the message that Trump wants to put out, he wants to spend more on his military. It was a childish gesture by Trump (which is pretty much what you come to expect from the man-child) which was treated with the justifiable distain by Merkel.
  14. Can't really help to identify your animal since I was totally unable to identify an animal that I saw crossing the canal ahead of me recently. About rat sized but what had me totally baffled was it submerged on the right hand side of the canal ahead of me, swam the width of the canal underwater then surfaced about a foot from the reeds on the left hand side, then scuttled off through the reeds. The rats I've seen always swim on the surface, I don't know how far a vole swims underwater, and it was far too small to be an otter (and it was the middle of the day). I looked through the nature books and internet sites and am still none the wiser.
  15. Actually, because of you and your ilk, we don't do we? Let us say that I go and buy myself a place in France, I then spend the next 2 years during the negotiations, without any certainty that I can actually live there (much the same as the current position of EU nationals in the UK) rather than just go there on holiday. Thanks for nothing and I would suggest you refrain from making these pointless suggestions. Previously I could have just gone to live in any of the 27 other EU nations, now, thanks to you, to do so I would have to take up citizenship.