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  1. By co-incidence this is probably the first picture of a canal that I ever took, during a school photography club trip into Birmingham in about 1972.
  2. Tim Rote Armee Fraktion Tim
  3. Was being taken round Berlin a few years ago by a young German tourist guide who embarrassingly told me about the time she was working as an intern in London that she saw a reference to the RAF museum in Hendon and wondered why the British would have a place dedicated to a 70's German terrorist group! Tim
  4. Theoption is not available on the phone app, it has to be done from a PC. Tim
  5. You need to do more than make the album public, making an album public just means that other Facebook members who are not friends can see it. To make it available for non facebook people you have to get a link from the album edit page (Click on the 'wheel' symbol) Info here: Tim
  6. Just spoken to my friend who says that she as the first in but is currently on a temporary mooring waiting for teh North Pool to be completed. Tim
  7. Have just been watching on the Local London Freeview channel (London Live) one of a series of BFI films called 'Bridge Of Song' which includes a piece on the modernisation of the river Trent Locks. Can't find it online though. Tim
  8. Had a Facebook picture from a friend yesterday which seemed to inply that she was already moored in there. Tim
  9. Lots of plans but no money :-( Tim
  10. The Cannock Extension is already a SSSI/SAC Extension Canal&countyCode=&responsiblePerson Tim
  11. PAH, cheap at half the price. You could spend £435 million on St Katherine's Dock: Tim
  12. It was on Gumtree a short while ago: Timn
  13. The tower block in question had recently had a multi million pound refurbishment! Tim
  14. It must be good, the adverts speak very highly of it!
  15. We did the trip via Trent Falls both ways in 1992 as part of an exploration of Yorkshire waterways based around that Years IWA National Rally at Wakefield The outwards trip was as part of a convoy organised by Strawberry Island boat club. At Trent Falls British Waterways had anchored a crane barge which all the convoy moored up to. We left Keadby at and got to York at 9.0m, our longest day's boating in terms of both hours and miles that we had ever done. Click on the image below for some (Not very good) pictures: Tim