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  1. Go straight to Jail!
  2. Would it not have been much cheaper to replace camshaft? Or am i terminally stupid?
  3. Was that after his 19th nervous breakdown?
  4. Brilliant, thanks mate,I installed my own washing machine, so i can call myself a engineer.
  5. What do you call a man without a spade in his head? Douglas.
  6. RIP A great achiever.
  7. An independent Scotland will never be admitted into the EU because of their Mars Bar rights violations.
  8. And for non sticky labels heavier fuel is your friend.
  9. Preferably uncooked rice.
  10. I have found this vlog and thought some peeps on here might find it interesting. !2 minutes long video on youtube.
  11. Mr Tony Brooks in the post above yours,is an expert.
  12. I googled punnekin and came up with this Wikipedia comes up with this
  13. Wow Mr T, this image amazed me, as a kid(pre 1969) in Capetown, we used to use a cotton reel with 4? maybe 6 pins in the top with the wool initially threaded through the center hole of the cotton reel and then wound around the pins and then lifted into the center, would create a cylindrical ( Sp) half inch sausage that would stitched in various diameters to make a hat. Does this make sense? I believe it was called pannekin or summat similar? Can you enlighten me?
  14. Please llet on Alan.
  15. Wandered out in Brighton about 1500 hrs,just got home, saw 1 scooter blown over plus loads of twigs on pavements.