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  1. Wyvern at Leighton Buzzard and
  2. About 30 years. We didn't get any documentation with out boat
  3. When our boat was spray foamed I put the trimmings on a bonfire. The flames immediately kept 6' in the air.
  4. I agree it's unnecessary but what do fishermen do?
  5. When Deal flooded the council workers went home on Friday afternoon until Monday morning. The local Lions co-ordinated everything over the weekend and when the council took over again on the Monday the system was wrecked. Does anyone expect any difference here?
  6. IWA are campaigning for CRT to take over EA waters. It has been their aim for years and it looks as though it may happen. It will be a disaster
  7. We moved onto the canals over 25 years ago, to travel the system. In that time we saw people buy boats to live on and not want to travel. I'm so glad that we no longer have to live with the problems this is causing and are now on the bank.
  8. Ive sent a txt if you still have the same phone number. I also have a yankee email address for you.
  9. Hello John & Brioni. I hope you are both well. Roger had a stroke and we are now on the bank. Sue Nackered Navvy
  10. I use the offer with my bank account. Inludes holiday insurance and mobile phone and covers any car I am in. Sue
  11. We used nekan tiles. Plastic tiles with polystyrene backing, easy to install
  12. Didn't have a genny, didn't run an engine daily, but did have a gas fridge.
  13. Lovely getting the plug for canal restoration and seeing friends on tv
  14. I've always found him polite but shy.
  15. Carpet is cheap and can be replaces regularly. It's nicer for a dog to lie on, they won't slip with wet feet and it's warmer for you.