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  1. I use the offer with my bank account. Inludes holiday insurance and mobile phone and covers any car I am in. Sue
  2. We used nekan tiles. Plastic tiles with polystyrene backing, easy to install
  3. Didn't have a genny, didn't run an engine daily, but did have a gas fridge.
  4. Lovely getting the plug for canal restoration and seeing friends on tv
  5. I've always found him polite but shy.
  6. Carpet is cheap and can be replaces regularly. It's nicer for a dog to lie on, they won't slip with wet feet and it's warmer for you.
  7. Don't dismiss lower windows. Ours were about 1.5 inches above the gunwales and the only thing to go through one was David Blagrove on a workboat.
  8. I'm very sorry to hear this news. John has been a very good friend to Nabo for many years and I know how much Fi meant to him.
  9. I see my comment was ignored amongst the point scoring. How can the American president make these rules with no accountability? We can't in Britain.
  10. Is America a dictatorship? Don't these actions have to be agreed by congress or senate?
  11. We found the cupboard that held the wine bottles got wet, with condensation running down the bottles. Ventilation is ok if the temperature is the same inside as it is outside. Not liveable.
  12. A night light in a saucer of water will attract fleas.
  13. We used Ikea bed chairs. Comfortable and easy to convert into beds when needed.
  14. The vet recommended chappie for our GSD who had a dicky tummy. Unfortunately he wouldn't touch it and ate rice and tripe until we moved onto the boat. This was stopped for obvious reasons and ended up on Beta field
  15. Estate agents vary. Our selling agent told prospective buyers they couldn't arrange an appointment. Our buyer knocked on our door with a request to view. Buying, one estate agent liked playing games trying to force us to offer more. He lost two sales. We were cash buyers and had offered more than the asking price.