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  1. I am intrigued with the question of vat on an electrical hook up. I am charged vat at 20%, on an optional hook up + electricty unit charges, whilst the regulations for vat state 'Optional hook up charges to electricity and gas services for touring caravans/motor homes will be subject to VAT at the reduced rate. Any charge which is not optional forms part of the overall pitch fee which is standard-rated.' Seeing little difference between a marina berth and a caravan pitch I wonder what the rate should actually be.
  2. Now that Amber Boats are being very helpful I was amazed to find that my marina wants £25 'management fee' to allow them to come to the marina to carry out warranty work.
  3. Joy at last, a response from Amber assuring me that all will be resolved
  4. I bought an Amber boat a few months ago. Never have I spent so much money and been so unhappy and disappointed with the product. Even more disappointed that after writing with my complaints I received no response After 2 weeks sent another copy by registered post. A week later still no response. I have had issues with the boat that I do not think should have ever happened