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  1. Bradley's was decommissioned years ago.
  2. What a truly lovely event this was. Well organised and a fantastic atmosphere throughout the whole village. The boats which turned out looked splendid and so nice to see the crowds supporting and cheering the boats on the parade. A great mix of different craft too. Much better than other events on the same weekend in my opinion. Kind regards Dan
  3. Thanks Tim, hope you're all well!
  4. Tim..... Talk to me about cranes! Dan
  5. The original Phylis May has been rebuilt as a tug style boat by Industry Narrow boats at Stretton. She is unrecognisable now and a beautiful boat with excellent lines. Kind regards Dan
  6. Thanks Athy, Pete did indeed used to run it. We are still a rather calm oasis however the area is subject to a lot of regeneration at the moment, with new properties and businesses springing up almost daily! We also aim to keep the yard as it always has been, a traditional working boatyard, as we feel that is what it is best at! Kind regards Dan
  7. Blimey, it's been 7 months since we took over the yard! We've slowly been making improvements, mainly around the dry dock area, with new safety features installed, and new LED lighting. Further improvements will be rolled out imminently. We have also been getting 5 star reviews on our Facebook page, "The Dry dock has been vastly improved with safety rails and safe access bridges for boarding the boat" "The dock was very clean and tidy" "A great welcome, lots of help and advice with a real family atmosphere" "If its a long time since you have visited Langley Mill Boat yard then don't leave it to long before you visit again. I'm sure you will be pleasantly surprised. The facilities are updating daily and the customer service is excellent" "The directors are very approachable and helpful in every way. It's just what this lovely little boat yard has been in need of for many years" We still have a few gaps in the dry dock calendar, with DIY prices starting at £35 per day, and bitumen blacking from £7.50 per ft. We aim to be competitively priced without skimping on quality. Don't hesitate to contact the office on 01773 760758 if you are looking for dock space. Don't take our word for it though, with the IWA festival at Ilkeston in August and the ECPDA rally at Langley Mill next year, the Erewash canal is now more popular than ever and we look forward to welcoming you "at the top"! We also do coal, Gas, pump outs and diesel, and can also source basic chandlery items if you find yourself "caught short". Kind Regards Dan
  8. I was going to say Tim Carter but wasn't sure how busy he was!
  9. I think you're probably better going to smaller builders who may have the capacity and who have the skill to build "off plan". many larger ones just churn out from templates so would be reluctant to alter their model per se. Maybe also try Brinklow Boat Services or Paul Barbers at Sheet Stores. Kind regards Dan
  10. Ok. Sore but not painful. I'll get over it!!
  11. Ta!
  12. Ah cheers! It's a bittersweet one. On one hand I've got the day off work. On the flip side I had an injury at work and I'm sat awaiting an operation on my leg.... Ho hum. At least it's not raining! Dan
  13. At the moment we are not experiencing low water levels and there has been a steady stream of boats up and down. The Northern pub is ok and the Bunny Hop ale House has come on leaps and bounds over Tha past year since it's inception. They have live bands on at the weekend which can be a bit loud for the size of space but none the less very popular. Eastwood, a ten minute walk away has more drinking establishments which are very good too. We look forward to welcoming you to Langley Mill. Kind regards Dan Langley Mill Boatyard Ltd
  14. If you get stuck Alan I can knock you one up. Dan
  15. We tried a big hammer......several times.....