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  1. Yep stick a load of pitch, black pudding or ferrous cement in and stick a thin patch over the top with hot pitch and secure! Dan
  2. Yep. Pete has an excellent following on Facebook, and sells many articles through it... paintings..... boats.... that sort of thing!
  3. Is there an option to courier it direct from Derby?
  4. Now you're asking!!!
  5. Blimey what are you running?
  6. St Austell river?
  7. And she's looking rather nice too.
  8. Mr. Tuffrey has had quite a bit of our money off us over the past couple of years! Lovely pictures. Dan
  9. Ta!
  10. She will, however, be bought to Langley Mill for fit out and Running gear etc, and will be very much kept as a butty. We take pride in keeping butties as butties. Kind Regards Dan
  11. There is a rumour one has been saved from that fate. Not by me though.
  12. Too many butties going this way unfortunately.
  13. Obviously well looked after over the years!
  14. Who wants to buy a paraffin engine?????