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  1. I'm answering this over on Facebook Richard
  2. I still don't like the new format, and I notice all the other fora I frequent that used the old version haven't changed. Richard
  3. It's quicker to stick the lids from ice cream containers onto your existing blades.* Richard *Bizzard doesn't have a monopoly on engineering creativity
  4. I worked on a boat recently with an Axiom prop. The (new) owners weren't sure why as it seemed to be much the same as any other boat/prop combination Richard
  5. That is the conclusion you bludgeoned me into last time. I agree Richard
  6. How old is a plank then? Richard
  7. I'd really like to know what has been done to them, and when. I think I can remember FmK being dry docked some time ago Richard
  8. Have you got a lift pump on the side of the crankcase? Richard
  9. I thought you both got into it because you are both bonkers - in the nicest possible way Richard
  10. The career paths of most coal boat operators is surprising. For instance, you wouldn't expect working in the media to be a natural starting point (not you Martin) Richard
  11. Nope - it's made of new planks. I had a lengthy discussion with an aboriculturist about this recently, which concluded planks don't grow on trees Anyway, you'd have to average the age across the plank. The tree didn't spring fully formed from the ground 200 years ago, it grew Richard
  12. Apparently, despite appearances they are in good order The duckweed is coming on nicely, as are the trees at the stern of FmK Richard
  13. Or revenue earning with historic - that doesn't work either Richard
  14. There's an unconverted wooden boat for sale at Bascote Wharf on the northern GU Sue wouldn't let me write the mobile number down Richard
  15. A whole new way of justifying her historic status! Year tonnes Richard