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  1. I know of one on the Barbridge CR&T site that will be coming up in June as a friend of mine is giving it up, his is 57' so plenty long enough.
  2. We have a maplin 600w msw inverter, cost £50, runsTV, humax box, fridge freezer, twin tub washer & charges tablets & phones no problem. We do have an 1800w sterling msw but it's really only used if I feel the need to use my hair dryer
  3. We had this when moored at Stockton Heath a couple of years ago just passed the recycling place, a very grumpy local We moored up by the aqueduct next time, not to give in to him but who needs the grief......
  4. We have a fender, bought from Argos a few years ago, it's adjustable & does a good job but don't think Argos sell them anymore. We also put a cheap mat in front of the fire to protect the carpet during winter so no tears if it does get scorched from a stray coal.
  5. Also that in the details on apollo duck it mentions that the multi fuel burner cannot be used on mooring so you would probably need to rely on electric heating.
  6. Edders, yes I did have the email & spent 1/2 an hour in an EE shop this afternoon sorting it out ! They got me through to someone on the phone & it's supposed to be okay now, to pay nothing next month then £14.50 thereafter. I will be checking my account!! Also had an interesting couple of hours yesterday unblocking a huawei 3 dongle, not easy but we got there eventually & now online with EE through it
  7. Not happy as I signed up for this deal on 12/11, just got 1st bill & been charged £29 Impossible to get through on the phone so will call into EE shop tomorrow.......
  8. "Boyes and the Toolbox are my go to places (they understand me.....I feel so sorry for them)" Boyes is the best, I do miss it now we are in the midlands, nothing quite like it ...........
  9. We sorted ours out with a roll of aluminium wedged as you describe, found that Midland chandlers sell the very thing
  10. Our cheap (£250) Chinese stove is still going strong after 8 years, stays in overnight no problem, doesn't have any fancy wheels or riddlers, just a slide opener top & bottom, poker does the riddling. if/when it fails we wouldn't hesitate to get another.
  11. Absolutely Blue String, I like this forum, find it useful for technical & mechanical stuff, usually someone will help out with a query, it's entertaining , Miss Max's thread being a good example- I don't want to get involved in nitpicking or heavy debate, for those that do, fine, I just keep out of it, but if this forum isn't to your taste why are you still here? I think the mods & Dan have a thankless task trying to keep things on an even keel, & I for one say thank you to them for their efforts.
  12. Spam, pure & simple
  13. That's what we did before we had a pram cover, worked ok.
  14. We continuously cruise with a dog & 2 cats & have , over the years, accrued a pet first aid kit for those minor things that happen & we're miles from anywhere. Lola had a nasty rash as a pup, we did take her to a vets & they scratched their heads & muttered allergies & meds for life, I googled it & found it looked very similar to impetigo, treatment was to swab with mild solution of hydrogen peroxide 3 x day for 3 days, cured . She also ripped a dew claw which we dusted with antiseptic powder & strapped it up, soon healed. We certainly don't run to the vets for every little thing but when we do need one we just look one up in nearest town.
  15. We have 2 inverters, a 1800w Sterling & a 600w maplins job that cost £50 & a 240w under the counter fridge freezer, the small inverter runs the fridge & tv, charges tablets & phones etc, the 1800w is only used for my hairdryer (1100w cheap travel one) & the microwave. ETA the maplins one isn't portable though, it did need fitting