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  1. I'm hopeless at copying & posting links on my iPad but Dean, a member on here & who moors at New Islington started a thread a couple of weeks ago re the closure, evidently closing for 12 months to drain & do some works, the moorers have been given notice If you do a search for New Islington Marina you should be able to find the thread.
  2. As far as I'm aware New Islington doesn't close until August so services should be available but you can't access it from the Ashton, well not by boat anyway. The next water afaik is Stretford Marina.
  3. We had 2 stick on ones for about 5 years, they had been well stuck down but last year we noticed some rust spots around the edge so decided to take them off & what a mess underneath, lots of rust so after sorting the roof out we have gone for 4 x 100w of panels with tilting frames from on board solar, also upgraded our controller & we now have a much better system. I don't mind the look of them as I just think of all the power they are giving us
  4. Oh sorry, I didn't know that, sounds a bit mean ! Anyway good luck with your boat viewings
  5. There is Festival Marina in Stoke itself, it's at the bottom of the hill at Festival Retail park next to the Toby Carvery.
  6. According to Peel who own the Bridgewater you can only moor 24 hours anywhere on the canal & I don't know if Sonny, their enforcement guy, is still working for them but he is/was very keen by all accounts. I love the Bridgewater canal, once you get past the long boring bit through Stretford & Sale it's beautiful. Stockton Heath is good for shopping, & there are some lovely rural mooring spots before you get to Preston Brook, where I doubt Sonny patrols
  7. I know of one on the Barbridge CR&T site that will be coming up in June as a friend of mine is giving it up, his is 57' so plenty long enough.
  8. We have a maplin 600w msw inverter, cost £50, runsTV, humax box, fridge freezer, twin tub washer & charges tablets & phones no problem. We do have an 1800w sterling msw but it's really only used if I feel the need to use my hair dryer
  9. We had this when moored at Stockton Heath a couple of years ago just passed the recycling place, a very grumpy local We moored up by the aqueduct next time, not to give in to him but who needs the grief......
  10. We have a fender, bought from Argos a few years ago, it's adjustable & does a good job but don't think Argos sell them anymore. We also put a cheap mat in front of the fire to protect the carpet during winter so no tears if it does get scorched from a stray coal.
  11. Also that in the details on apollo duck it mentions that the multi fuel burner cannot be used on mooring so you would probably need to rely on electric heating.
  12. Edders, yes I did have the email & spent 1/2 an hour in an EE shop this afternoon sorting it out ! They got me through to someone on the phone & it's supposed to be okay now, to pay nothing next month then £14.50 thereafter. I will be checking my account!! Also had an interesting couple of hours yesterday unblocking a huawei 3 dongle, not easy but we got there eventually & now online with EE through it
  13. Not happy as I signed up for this deal on 12/11, just got 1st bill & been charged £29 Impossible to get through on the phone so will call into EE shop tomorrow.......
  14. "Boyes and the Toolbox are my go to places (they understand me.....I feel so sorry for them)" Boyes is the best, I do miss it now we are in the midlands, nothing quite like it ...........
  15. We sorted ours out with a roll of aluminium wedged as you describe, found that Midland chandlers sell the very thing