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  1. There are a lot of fairly cheap but functional pure sine inverters about lately. If you want to work them hard then I suggest you get one rated at twice the power that you intend to continuously draw, they should only be used at full power for a very short time if at all. An angle grinder can be one of the most hard working of any power tool. A bit of polishing or gentle wire brushing is one thing, metal cutting or serious grinding is something else. ..............Dave
  2. Insurers don't like vans and don't like boaters so its not going to be easy. Adrian Flux have always specialised in the non standard stuff, they started off doing custom and modified cars but do everything now. However we just had to make a claim and I was not totally impressed with the service that we got as we were passed on to an un co-operative sub contracted claims company, but maybe this is how its done now. ..............Dave
  3. There is a theory that because antifreeze and water have different densities that if added separately there can be a sort of stratification effect and they never mix. I suspect this might just happen in some heating systems where the flow is quite gentle, but I reckon in an engine it would soon get mixed. .............Dave
  4. and last night the wonderful British Lion in Devizes had a barrel of it.
  5. As I get older I find gravity to be getting stronger and stronger, especially near to steep hills. Can you drain your gearbox at the bottom of a flight of locks? .............Dave
  6. I was talking about the main mechanical water pump that is an integral part of the engine. A diode from the alternator warning lamp to the buzzer should do the job, no need for a relay. .............Dave
  7. The alarm should also sound if the starter battery is not charging, which also causes the alarm to sound with the ignition on and the engine not turning. The alternator for the starter battery often shares a belt with the water pump so its a very good to have an alarm on this in case the belt fails. ....................Dave
  8. If you choose to use new or uncommon products then there is not going to be a lot good feedback on how well they do, and even if one or even two people do reply that is not likely to be statistically reliable, this why its called the bleeding edge of technology (expensive mistakes are made). In your situation I would go for the ballistic black as I think it is of a more conventional formulation, however as the stuff itself is usually only a small part of the overall cost you could just go out and get a pot of more conventional stuff. ................Dave
  9. I would think this is the case but the anti-corrosion might still be adequate. I believe it starts off with lots and this slowly depletes till it becomes inadequate so as long as some is replaced its probably good enough, but don't quote me on that. Its a very complicated bit of chemistry, there is some interesting stuff on the www. ...........Dave
  10. As said above, the antifreeze bit never wears out and this is was the antifreeze tester measures. There are also lots of additives, mostly corrosion inhibitors bit also possibly seal lubricants and even anti-cavitation additive. The corrosion inhibitors do wear out which can be tested if you really want. I believe this results in the antifreeze becoming more acidic. Draining and replacing the whole lot is best, but draining half at more frequent intervals is probably a good second best. Some people like farmers with big machines that use a lot of antifreeze will sometimes just top up with concentrated additive from time to time. ......................Dave
  11. When I used to black my boat, before I became a total convert to 2 pack, the idea was to scrape any loose old stuff off and remove any bad rust, but not to go to shiny steel. The blacking was applied directly to the bare and slightly rusted steel. There was a general consensus that using a primer was not the way to go (though I did try it). It looks from the posts here that Keelblack works best with a primer which defeats many of its claimed advantages and also begs the question: is it the keelblack or the primer that is providing the protection?. I suspect the primer also required better hull preparation than ordinary blacking. Two pack is the way to go. .................Dave
  12. Let this be a warning to us English (and Welsh) boaters too as there are many people within the CaRT property department who have that very same mentality. It will soon be time for all boaters (ccers, cmers, leisure boaters and hire companies) and fishermen and walkers to bury their differences and put up a united fight. .................Dave
  13. I have a voltage calibrator and so can check Mikes multimeter, there just hasn't been a beer drinking meeting in the last couple of weeks. Buying a cheap Chinese calibrator off eBay is much cheaper than renting a calibrated multimeter and as long as the calibrator uses a proper reference chip rather than a Chinese copy the accuracy should be fine. My mouse is going dodgy and sometimes turns a single click into a slow double click so it keeps repeating myself. ................Dave
  14. I much prefer jam jars for this. You can see what colour paint is inside, and you can match the jar size to the amount of paint you need to store. Doritos dips are good if you want to get a big brush in. Can sometimes be hard to get the lids off but a metal hoop type oil filter remover is prefect for stubborn lids (and for removing oil filters). .................Dave
  15. Its good to learn new things, I thought the SAE applied to the diameter and bolt pattern at the engine end, didn't realise it was the gearbox end as well. Surprised that Europe lets us use those SAE standards. .............Dave