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  1. Well it's now answered. The issue I have with lengthy angling matches is the inconvenience it causes to all other canal users. And has anybody boated through a day or so after such an event? If I were anywhere near this one after I'd be interested in counting the dead fish afterwards
  2. I used to have one on my weed hatch'less boat. Dead handy for twisting into a blade full and tugging.
  3. If my dog fouls a towpath, pavement, road, park etc. I clear it up. I didn't swerve your question as you had no evidence to ask it. I mentioned the possibility of it happening because I used to have a GSD that was used to jumping off from the tug deck when she felt like it. The only action was for wife to jump off from the rear and accompany her in case she decided to be antisocial. On one such occasion after they got around the corner they found a fishing match, and were forced to imitate The Grand National for over a mile.
  4. Come on Laurie we've all exposed ourselves ..... now you can show us yours.
  5. I never mentioned having a sh1t. I was talking about stretching his legs. I'm disappointed in you Mike. I had a higher opinion of you.
  6. Unless your 8 stone German Shepherd decides to hop off at a bridge and walk to the next one. Something which he has been used to doing as and when required for the last 8 years. The temptation of the round tins of wriggly things only just takes priority over the foil wrapped sarnies.
  7. No Andy, you're quite right no such cheating going on there. It's a 1930s Buckley (American) with the mechanism on view up in the ceiling. Basically if you can see it you can win it ..... errrr ..... except there are a couple of dead spots that the jib can't reach, which is where you put the watch or bank note. However none of this one in five operation that allows the claw to grab nonsense. J
  8. Thanks for the introduction
  9. Some nice machines there Jess-- Not that you need me to tell you that. Do we know each other? Are you on any slot related sites or forums? All of mine are still on original pre-decimal coinage, mainly 1d and 6d Here are a cross selection of mine, sorry they're at funny angles, as I said they're in storage.
  10. When I was young and good looking (now I'm just good looking) an old boy carefully explained to me it was a good idea to keep a pocket of loose change when lockwheeling. His point was that when you place your lock key on the spindle, if you can see a gap between the spindle and any flat of the windlass then you can slip a coin in and help the life of the lock gear. I don't think he hung around as I recall I responded with some sort of smart Rs answer like: - Wouldn't it be better to just offer the loose change to whomever was standing on the bank and get them to do the lock for you? Over the years I have actually employed his reasoning. I don't think I'd bother wasting my time handing it on to a youngster myself though. Nowadays young people seem to be such cocky little horrors.
  11. Here's the one I have at the moment ....... A 1969 electro-mechanical Gottlieb Spin a Card. It's about the 8th I've had over the years. I also collect and restore mechanical amusement machines pre 1970, old penny, end of the pier kind of thing. I have even been known to take a tanner, handle pull three reeler on the boat with me to work on. I currently have over 25 machines in storage. If anyone's interested I'll post a few piccies, I call them my retirement boat fund.
  12. With the price of a pint of beer darn sarf these days that's probably one of the few fun things you can do with a fiver.
  13. I don't think any confirmation of what The Federal Aviation Administration regulations think regarding whether or not owners will require a pilot licence to operate matters. So far as I know they have little jurisdiction over here.
  14. We have to disagree on it being pointless Alan. When this topic is discussed you always make this point, and I welcome it. I do know of two individuals during my time with canal boats that have successfully taken their surveyor to court and won damages. However, I'm also sure you know of those who haven't. So far as I'm concerned for the small amount a survey costs I will continue to go that route. I do discuss the T&Cs and what I'm getting for my money plus I always attend a survey to listen, ask questions and look for myself. I'm not a time served engineer and would never buy anything of a value over a certain amount or significance to me without someone who knows more than me having a shufty first. I know enough about engines and transmission drive to make up my own mind, but so far as operating an ultrasound or confirming a hull is straight and within width I couldn't. And neither have I the required letters after my name to issue a Safety Certificate or a bit of paper to keep the Insurers happy enough to supply me what I need to licence it. Come up with a better science and I for one would be happy to turn my back on the fairies and their written stories that you claim are worthless.
  15. Unless of course this is the boat that sank at FC. In which case the marina will know what to do regards your questions. In the meantime I'd be getting the surveyor back in order to explain how he didn't notice it had a hole under the engine.