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  1. I will shortly order a new narrowboat. I want it to get round virtually the entire canal and river system. What is the maximum length I can have? It seems that the limit is set by the Calder and Hebble. Problem is that I get different advice in different places. BW say 55'6''; Nicholsons say 60' (diagonally); one local boat yard says 61', another says 57ft. Since 99% of the time I will sail on canals and rivers where length will not be a problem, I would be prepared to de-fender and lock through with great care on the Calder and Hebble and Hudds Broad if necessary. As 3 feet adds quite a bit of extral living space, I would ideally go for for a 60ft length providing I really can get the baot through these canals. Anyoner out there with real experience of taking a 60' boat through there? Andrzej