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  1. They get all of the income from licenses and all money for mooring permits, from their marinas and several online moorings. They also have the income of the short term licenses. There is also a lot of income from and round the canal that does not go to any canal related account. Several thousands of pounds are paid for taking water out of and putting water into the canal. This money goes directly to Peel Ports rather than the Bridgewater Canal Company. The amount of land that came within the Bridgewater Canal estate is slowly running out so no more developments can really take place. Peel Holdings are therefore looking at other possible sources of income such as extra moorings at Astley etc. and plans in the pipeline for more marinas in the future. Any developments being carried out in terms of repairs and maintenance or upgrades is usually 99% of the time paid for by another party such as the Bridgewater Way upgrade along the canal, funded by Sustrans and the various councils.
  2. Yes businesses have closed, but some new businesses have also started. The last bank to close was Lloyds in the past month, after Natwest and Barelays shut previously. I don't think the whole blame can be passed to lack of boats for this, most people go either into Altrincham or into Warrington to do their shopping and banking etc. The Post Office / Stationers has also closed and the Lymm Library was threatened with closure, more likely again this would be due to the Council and Royal Mail than lack of boats. As Bridgewater boater, over the past couple of months since the reopening of the canal at Astley, I've seen more CRT boats on the canal than I have in the past 2 years, what that means, I don't know.
  3. Yes, lots. People who have been charged upon their return and also people who decided not to take a chance and have pre-paid before their return journey. You obviously have those that take the chance that breeze through and back again without being "caught" and charged.
  4. It's advised to get a receipt and to inform the company that you've paid for a 3 or 7 day permit (£20 or £40 respectively).
  5. Unfortunately Ambush is no longer attending but the other wide boats are.
  6. I think I'd prefer this to be honest, and next door is for sale aswell, so 2 properties for less than half the price. They're not lock cottages but are canal side,
  7. Sculptor being another.
  8. I'd be more inclined to leave it nearer to Stockton Heath rather than Preston Brook and would aim for somewhere like near the Red Lion at Moore near the winding hole. However if public transport is required I'd go for Stockton Heath itself, it's a town and so more regular and reliable public transport links, and handy for supplies from the various shops in town.
  9. I have a HA2 with a leaky fuel return pipe, not actually the spill rail but the copper pipe which joins onto that. I think the olive is misshapen so it's allowing fuel to weep out of the join. The simple solution would be to replace this olive, but... Once the copper pipe leaves the spill rail, it then runs back on itself, going uphill and joins the overflow fuel pipe from the day tank, back to the main tank. It's only supported at either end, although it does have "loops" in the copper pipe I don't think the vibration of the engine generally does it much of a favour in the long term. A very short distance from the spill rail is the fuel filter. What I'd like to do, to reduce the run of the pipe and to make it look a lot neater and to keep it out of the way is to connect the fuel return back into the filter. I've read this is bad practice on a JP as they don't like any form of back pressure on the return, but can't find a definitive answer for the HA engines. Anyone able to help? Thanks in advance, Liam
  10. Unfortunately not mate, being roped in to help dry dock a boat over Easter in Braunston.
  11. I've only been in Wetherspoons in the past few years of visiting. The last time I went to go in the one directly behind the museum about 7 years ago, after just boating to EP via the Ship Canal for Easter, the door burst open just as I went for the door handle, the result of a bloke having been beaten up and then thrown out. I stayed for 1 pint with a mate and then went back to the boat for a bit of peace. It's called the Horse & Jockey if I remember rightly.
  12. The nearest pub is just outside the back door, and then further drinking establishments can be found in the town, which is out the back door, past under the motorway and over past the railway bridge, including a Wetherspoons.
  13. Definitely wasn't me!
  14. Found earlier today, in the Bridgewater Canal at old Trafford near Throstle's Nest Bridge. A rather grim way of finding a body.