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  1. Link below to some diagrams etc you may find useful V belt Tables Terry Try again V Belt Tables Hopefully got it this time http://www.roymech.co.uk/Useful_Tables/Drive/Vee_belts.html
  2. Try the site below, Ive posted a link to a pdf version of the manual you requie. Take a look on page 43. Beware its nearly 1meg to download though. I've also posted a link to the site which provides the info. Installation manual Eberspacher Terry
  3. Link below to a diagram you should find useful, the black is the live or hot. American wiring Terry
  4. Link below to a Lister specialist in Uxbridge Marine Engine Services Ltd Terry
  5. Mark, I assume that your hot water is supplied from a calorifier. If so have you checked to see if the relief valve on the calorifier is lifting? The 'water hammer' you describe could be the relief valve reseating once the water pump has cut out. A feathering relief valve could also cause the splashing you describe. Terry
  6. The dutch manual site is back up and running again. Just tried it and it works ok for me. motoren Terry
  7. This question has been asked on another forum recently, the answer given is: He's gone on holiday for two or three weeks and for some reason he shut down his server. -- Terry
  8. Link below to AR Peachment website that lists all the UK dealers/service agents for Nanni. A R Peachment Terry
  9. 11/64" drill bit required. Terry
  10. A drop centre gearbox is one in which the output shaft centre is lower than the input shaft centre, when viewed from the side. Link below to some diagrams that may help Lancing Marine Diagrams Terry