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  1. Pleased you typed the above! i saw a "maid of oak" last year on my travels not 100% sure of where but it looked rough as buggery and certainly not anything like a 2006 build or a £60k boat ! ... thinking back it could have een the Ashy or Coventry so charity dock makes sense. Rick
  2. before i was a liveaboard i used 3 of the greenhouse heating tubes rated at 150 watts each spread equally down the boat ...just to keep the frost off as they are designed to survive being left on all winter Rick
  3. +one for the ski trousers fantastic for the depths of winter otherwise normal lightweight waterproof trousers all my fleeces jackets and beanies are wierd fish , brill in this weather for really cold i have a mountaineering coat which is lightweight but has a fleece lined quilted jacket which clips inside it the hood wraps round above my nose and with a scarf under and a light base layer is every bit as warm if not warmer than the kit we used in norway when i did my cold weather survival training in the forces. for hands i have thinsulate gloves with belstaff waterproof bike mitts over the top. Rick
  4. All that money and someone skimped and left off the outboard bracket with the spare/trolling motor even the smallest sea going boats tend to carry! Rick
  5. I hate to say this, i bought a boat that had water damage due to a failed sea cock on the raw water cooling pick up, but it didnt bother me as my intention was a full refit anyway, i moved it back home as it was as it had been thouroughly dried out , but the musty smell would never go ... when i go to the refit and took the floor up there was still water under there and the sub floor itself was sodden as it had a plastic membrane under trapping moisture ... also all the metal parts ad wiring were totally unuseable as they develped rust (metal parts such as the fridge, cooker rads etc.) In my case it was a complete refit from the bare shell even renewed the insulation as it was polystyrene and water damaged and pressure washed the ballast bricks as they were covered in gungy water ... so if there is any kind of smell it certainly isnt going to get any better! .... also make sure the floor is solid and try and find out what the floor is made from, my sub floor was chipboard so came out like soggy weetabix! Best of luck Rick
  6. No reason at all not to move it its on my to do list on my boat ... my last boat was like yours and i moved the greaser as you desribed and was also a good few feet away but on that one i used copper tubing rather than the plastic as i had some kicking about, and fixed using compression fittings, as the fittings both ends are threaded ... primed the pipe before connecting to the sterntube and it worked fine.... also was much easier to shape the copper and keep it neat, ... so long as you prime it first though dont see any problem with plastic if it is well fitted and secure. Hope this helps Rick
  7. Hi i had the same TMP gearbox coupled to a BMC1500 fitted in a 38' narrowboat a few years back and am sure i still have a lot of technical info so will try and search it out if its of use to you ... i must say though mine was superb and ultra reliable so hopefully you wont be in need of parts. Rick
  8. My mum had the same 1/2 tonne sharp for many years... when hers went pop last year i found an identical one at the local "tip" shop ... paid 12 quid for it with a 3 month guarantee and it had even been P.A.T tested , 12 months on its fine , so if you have anything similar i your area take a look you would be surprised ! ... at the same time bought a normal digital one for my nieces flat and that was 6 quid! although used both are like new ..... Rick..
  9. that was my other thought the L+L ..... was just thinking though coming up from saul to gloucester .... especially as he said close to the black country?
  10. 2nd one looks familiar .... just racking my brains before i commit! Rick with the hills in the background thinking the g+s Rick
  11. Whenever i have had a lady friend on my boat i have taught them to steer and we have shared it out between us, i personally think it is important that both people should be capable of moving and mooring a boat and be confident in all tasks and also to know what to do in an emergency ....for instance should either have an accident or fall overboard, i met one lady who's ex had always steered and she didnt have the first clue how to start the boat let alone steer it or operate the controls which in my opinion is madness. Rick
  12. couldnt have put it better Rog Rick
  13. A lot of the success of the site is as it has always been down to the members ... Daniel can only supply the platform, add the appropriate rules and through volunteers moderate the site to ensure those rules are adhered to ... If the members choose to spend their time questioning the owner and the actions of those that volunteer their time to moderate then the success of the site is jepardised.... yes i fully accept there have been a few mistakes made and questionable decisions, but what sets this site apart from many others is that the membership can actually question things and suggest improvements ... Over the last 10 years i have seen many changes o the site, many people come and go, but the site itself remains the same ... ask a question about boating or a technical question and you recieve generally good solid advice and information ... As an annalogy, the kids in the playground have changed but they are still kids in a playground... the bullies, the quiet ones, the self opinionated ones, the ones that hate the teacher and his appointed prefects! and just like school there are those that embrace it and come to make friends and learn and those that feel they dont need to and are too clever to be told and will do anything to cause disruption .... Daniel needs to do very little he hasnt already been doing, its the membership that will preserve this site and keep it what it already is, a terrific site for people to make friends , have a banter, and gain information about virtually anything boating related or not, so now the problems have been highlighted and Daniel has taken them onboard lets all use the site as intended and let him deal with it proactively rather than reactively before we lose more of those quieter people who have always done just that but are often put off posting by that small portion that seem to feel the need to spoil for a fight or make people feel inadequate by the responses they receive. Rick
  14. The value in my post was that rethink! As for the remainder of your post i couldnt agree more ... vive la difference ! The only reason i posted initially was that it incensed me that an intelligent man such as yourself would choose to deride that freedom of opinion in such a way and be so disregarding and disrespectful .... Rick
  15. This is a discussion forum and a discussion ends when it either reaches a resolution or it peters out...not when dccruiser chooses. At no point did i say that i merely agreed with you that as you said to Sue ... As Daniel himself has acknowledged that changes need to be made perhaps your intervention really isn't necessary... The discussion about the state of the forum shows no sign of petering out so I will be continuing my contributions and, despite what may be misinterpreted in what I say, Sueb and anyone else is free do do likewise ... your first statement totally contradicts this the points have been made and Daniel has taken them on board So you can tell me to shut up but I can't do the same to Sue (even though I didn't, you just chose to read it thus.). Please feel free to highlight where i told you to shut up ... i actually used your words to Sue so iterpret them as you will ... thank you for you input Sue ... sorry read sue as Carl As Daniel himself has acknowledged that changes need to be made perhaps your intervention really isn't necessary.. There seems to be some forum hierarchy here that I was previously unaware of. I agree there is ... its Daniel and the moderator team