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  1. hilarious "advert" for ...
  2. Apparently it got stuck open today because it expanded in the heat and they couldn't close it.
  3. So using the same logic we don't need to store nuclear waste we should just spread it thinly over the land it first came from?
  4. Oh it was a large dumping of sump oil into a stream that feeds the canal that did that.....
  5. round here that sort of property would be between 1 and 3 million
  6. 5 bedroom, detached with that garden... less than 900K .... sounds remarkably cheap.
  7. Or dump it in streams which can lead to this: We phoned C&RT and they basically closed the Middlewich Branch.....
  8. leeds & liverpool canal

    We had our gang plank stolen off the roof of our boat when we were moored in Upton-upon-Severn Marina .... We've been cast loose maybe three times since we started boating in the late 70's
  9. It looks like she's still around (Ward Marine in Boston went into insolvency in 1994) Or was when C&RT last sent me a full listing of their boats rather than a partial update. Looks like she's for sale: Currently moored in a private boatyard on the Thames (Better Boating, Caversham)
  10. There have been kph notices on some canals for years .... oddly some of them expressed it as 6.43kph which is rather too exact for a canal (6.43 is 3.995417 mph, 6.44 is 4.00163 mph ... and 0.006 of a mile is 31 feet)
  11. Scarisbrick Marina has fuel, and pumpout and quite a nice little cafe...
  12. In some of the villages residents cars get vandalised if they doesn't blend in.....
  13. There have always been some very good lagers.. its just that they've not been commonly available - Dark Carlsberg, and then the various Cherney Pivos in the Czech Republic...
  14. Pretty sure its stop gates ... its a longish pound there so having stop gates in the middle of it makes a lot of sense.
  15. It was there in 1980..... when we were hiring from Anderton Marina.