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  1. That would be them - I assume they're a good company to go to.. I can't remember who I got the current gearbox from - I do remember driving down the motorway from birmingham and using the "emergency" exit from a services to get onto the right road.... actually thinking about that the company might have been near nuneaton. .so it could be the same people...
  2. Its had regular flushouts and oil changes and its been run on AFT since we got it from a company somewhere over near Peterborough. Reverse is rock solid, so I'm pretty sure its just the front clutch pack is getting worn out. Oil still looks clean and we've never over filled it. I have found a marine gearbox specialist near Atherstone, so I guess I'll need to go up the boat, stick my head down into the engine well and get the details off the plate on the box. I'm pretty sure its a HBW 150 (or it might be a 100)
  3. The gearbox on our BMC 1.5 (its a Hurth manual as far as I can remember) is starting to have problems locking into forward solidly and sometimes slips before going "clunk" and driving the prop properly. We've run the adjustments on the cables as far as we can... Its about 16 years since we put it in so its not done too badly I guess. So I'm looking for recommendations for an engineer round Market Drayton who can do a good rebuild for us.
  4. Oddly enough although I do pay by DD they've sent me a form to fill in for another year......
  5. Looks way too narrow for a canal and that rock outcrop looks like its not ever been cut for a navigation channel. The bit by the hand rail almost like an overflow or something like that. Could it be a stream that's been channelled for industrial purposes like driving a water wheel? Not that any of this helps identify where it is.
  6. Ah but is that the same as Max Governed speed ? I don't think I've ever pushed our BMC 1.5 up to 4400 rpm......
  7. Its 8pm isn't it?
  8. We've now split the canal into two on Canalplan and marked part of it as closed.....
  9. Thanks - we'll do some work on Canalplan to basically split the canal up.
  10. So is Pudding Green to Ryders Green still navigable?
  11. Someone on Canalplan has posted a note on the page for the Wednesbury Old Canal stating: Does anyone know if this is true, and if so where has the information come from? Cheers Steve
  12. Its not like its a huge heavy bridge:
  13. Which is what makes the collection of photos on Canalplan so interesting....
  14. My mother kept detailed logs of all our canal trips (after I did the first one back in the mid 1970s). Each night after mooring up she'd dig out the boat's copy of Edwards and work out the locks and the distance. "Mintball" even has a couple of small samplers celebrating her 10th and 20th anniversaries which include the total miles and locks done. We've not calculated the distance for the 30th anniversary. I'm going to be scanning / OCRing all the typed up logs and putting them on line with photos taken on the trips...
  15. And then there is the one at Appley Bridge