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  1. Perhaps the age and historic status of the structures may have a little to do with the comparison. The Thames locks are fairly modern, well designed and solidly built, which they have to be on a river. The canal locks are often none of these. Surely a better EA/CRT comparison should be with the Severn or Trent locks.
  2. Had an excellent meal in the Terrazzo on Thursday, we all chose the lobster ravioli. It really is very good - a serious restaurant, not a pizza place or a fast food chain. 3 course meal for 4 including drinks cost around £30/head, so not outrageously expensive, in my view very reasonable for the quality of food.
  3. The seals do wear eventually as does the shaft. Our vetus stern gear started dripping about a tablespoon/day after 4000 hours/10 years. Before then it was completely dry, we only use silicone grease at the start of each year. Changing the seal is a fairly quick job. The boatyard advised that it would be prudent to replace the stern gear after 4500 hours. That is a much bigger job.
  4. There is an excellent Kerala Indian, the Kayal, in Granby Street near the Railway Station. You may need to book.
  5. We have moored on the opposite side to Castle Gardens, a bit further upstream, in the past without any problems, just a longer walk to the city centre
  6. My understanding is that BWs original intention was to insist that all boats had a home mooring. At that time however a small number of people were genuinely CCing across the system. The CC bits in the legislation arent there to impose unfair restrictions on CCers, but rather to explicitly permit CCing under controlled conditions. I think you are right that the current problems werent predicted.
  7. Rodbaston lock now open - work finished early.
  8. Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal Starts At: Lock 35 Rodbaston Lock Ends At: Lock 35 Rodbaston Lock Monday 22 February 2016 08:00 until Sunday 6 March 2016 17:00 Type: Navigation Closure Reason: Maintenance
  9. If you want to raise an issue with CRT the best route in my experience is to start off with the local Waterways Manager or enquiries.<waterway>@canalrivertrust.org.uk. They will forward your note to the relevent manager and chase them if you complain about lack of response and you can take things from there. With the centralisation of almost everything it helps to start off with getting someone inside seeing things your way.
  10. I like to use a technique similar to this. Coast in towards the bank at angle of say 60 degrees. Just after the Mrs starts shouting and just before the bow hits the bank turn the tiller by perhaps 60 degrees and apply a quick blip from the engine. WIth a bit of luck the boat turns to end up alongside the landing where only a little bit of reverse brings it to a halt. If it's timed right it feels great and looks impressive. However get it wrong and you hit the bank or you turn early and end up stopped three feet into the canal.
  11. When the rubber seal on my Isuzu 35 radiator cap split I took the cap round to a specialist car parts guy who thought he had one similar. After a bit of searching he came back with one which has worked fine for the past few years- apparently it was specified for a 1970's Vauxhall Royale!
  12. I wouldnt be too paranoid about diesel bug or about diesel quality in general. We have never had diesel bug in some 10 years boating, no-one I know has ever mentioned having it. One boatyard mechanic I talked to said he had only seen it once in perhaps 30 years. Our diesel comes from mainstream marinas and boatyards we happen to be passing. There has never been any evidence that it wasnt of the appropriate quality. The fuel filters have always been found to be clean when changed and the agglomerator separates virtually no water. We have never added anything to our fuel tank. So just take sensible precautions. Make sure your fuel cap has a decent seal and the tank appears to be in good condition. Fill up with fuel if you arent going to use the boat for a few months.. Avoid filling up anywhere that looks run down or amateurish.
  13. I would highly recommend the Cumin Indian restaurant on Maid Marion Way. Its seriously good, not your normal Vindaloo/korma establishment. You will probably need to book. Something completely different - the caves accessible from Broadmarsh shopping centre are well worth a visit. The Trip To Jerusalem shouldnt be missed - with excellent beer and food. I had expected it to be a touristy rip-off place, it's not. It does get busy though.
  14. I agree with you - taking an unpowered boat into a tunnel is insanely stupid. That is why the issue was raised. As far as I know no-one is saying that joint use is possible. The point is that until recently it seems no-one was aware that the problem existed and had existed for a long time. Did you know that unpowered boats were allowed in medium length tunnels? I certainly didnt.
  15. What are you on about??? At present canoeists etc do have the right to enter certain tunnels whenever they want and as far as I know always have had that right. This is not well known to the general boating community and there are no warnings. Boaters are unlikely to be able to see a canoeist in a tunnel. Dont you think some changes should be made? Or are you proposing that boaters should only be allowed in tunnels once a CRT official has declared the tunnel empty?