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  1. Havent got the skill to make a guitar from scratch but found a photo while looking at the history of our village of a guy who used to make guitars here for a living. Only acoustic but thought you might like to see, apologies if not.
  2. two down just the Neal one left, last chance saloon. Thinking of selling my Joseph Ash built can as well.
  3. OK let us look at that critique of the Labour plans then; Admittedly it will take a cut of the profits but there is such a thing as maximum price people are willing to pay, companies will have to be aware of it. Those who then cant afford it will be replaced by those on the waiting lists for most private schools. Waitlisting. Oh look that old chestnut, we had that before the minimum wage and every increase since, if you believe the figures despite the catastrophic effect of paying a decent wage has on firms unemployment is low. Whodathunkit! Youre so kind. Nothing to say they will, lessons have been learnt from the past, our NHS is one of the best value for money services in the world. All run by civil servants. You really arent arguing that not spending £3-5 billion on private services profits is bad because we will miss out on a few million in corporation tax are you? Really? 100k a year will be built by councils 100k for private sale/rent. The addition of 200k houses a year onto the housing market will drive down rents because there will be less supply/demand inequality. Did you miss the bit where the BoE said it would be cost neutral because of the increased taxes from spend on those holidays? BoE not me, Not Corbyn, take it up with them. If someone is on regular hours, which is what the policy states, then they deserve a contract and all the protections and benefits that brings. Not penury via a system that only benefits the bosses. It may cost more but unlike the tax evading non doms and tax havenites we will get tax from the companies who do bid. They take advantage of our education system, our health care and pensions why shouldnt they pay towards them? Yes the figures are out there, it was only a month or so ago it was in the news. Per pupil per term cost was more for a free school than a state school. close the loopholes, force the companies to pay tax so they can trade in the UK. We are a very profitable place to trade, pay the taxes. AH so people should get more money just for having a penis. Who knew. Good job they were only committing some of it then isnt it. To be honest Id take more notice of your attempt at a critique if you didnt believe a penis is worth an extra 20% on someones wages.
  4. except it will never happen and she knew that, there will always be those left behind and as a result of her policy that number is growing every year as the price of housing rockets out of control.
  5. Spoken like a true landlord. I think all buy to let mortgages should carry a 10% surcharge p/a to go towards social housing builds, all proceeds (sale and rental income) from second/third/+ homes if let to tenants should be taxed at 25% p/a to go towards social housing builds. Housing should not be someones pension imo, it is too important to be at the whim of a private individual. The housing market/system in the UK is broken and has been since Maggie sold off council housing and blocked councils from using the money/borrow against stock to build more. It was the beginning of the destruction of a cohesive society which was her ultimate goal imo, divide and conquer has always been a tory policy.
  6. You can see its a quality bit of kit from the case, you dont get that kind of craftsmanship with the plastic rubbish in arcades nowadays, very art deco Empire state building design. They can actually alter the win ratio, a friend runs an arcade down here and on some you can change the timing of the drop so it takes you close to the chute but not close enough.
  7. I dont have a now pic but how about we put up old pics with a request for anyone who might have a now version? This is outside the old Lion salt works in Middlewich I think.
  8. I was introduced to bar billiards at Wolverhampton boat club who had a table that was kept in absolute tip top condition, as a kid I was very lucky to be allowed to use it and I agree much better than pool.
  9. I dont agree at all, housing should be about somewhere to live as a right for all and not as an investment opportunity and a way of making money off the backs of those in need.
  10. My landlord isnt a bad guy just forgetful, problem is after reminding him monthly for about 4 years you get a bit wary about carrying on because revenge evictions spring to mind. We fix stuff that isnt structural but stuff like 3 story guttering and fascias are his remit. When they arent fixed it lets damp into the house and we are dealing with those problems through no fault of our own. Our area is very picturesque, Stone walls and great views but Id swap it for a council house without damp and mould. It would need a system like rent to buy, can you imagine the poopstorm in the right wing press if a politician suggested such a thing.
  11. You dont have to live in one, for those in need of social housing council properties are a godsend. Living in my house for 20 years I have paid over £100k in rent, I could have bought it for that sum when I moved in. Now its worth double that, my landlord does very little to the property and rakes in the money. Give me council housing every day.
  14. You may need a tissue for the tears
  15. Change the record, it was due to the global financial crisis. Camerons tory opposition backed every spending pledge and claimed they would have spent more than Blair and Brown. No one could foresee what was going to happen, the tories definitely didnt. Like cockroaches on the corpses of the poor they are just making the best of a bad job, oh and blaming it on Labour. Something which the sheeple swallow without question.