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  1. The link is to Indian thoughts on a free trade deal with special mention made to the idea of a former Imperial country giving us preferential treatment in any negotiations. Ive included a pdf of EU trade deals it is virus free and just lists the countries the EU has deals with at present. CBP-7792.pdf
  3. You misunderstand me, which country cant we trade with as part of the EU. How are we disadvantaged at present? The deals with the US are whats been on the table for years, TTiP rules, they have already said thats whats on offer, Mays already said yes the NHS is up for grabs.
  4. Who cant we trade with now? Most major economies have trade deals with the EU and by extension us. When we come to do a trade deal with the US are you happy that the NHS will be part of that? May has already informed them it is on the table. How about giving American courts primacy over disputes between American corporations and the UK state? Worried about that loss of sovereignty? BTW the EU refused to ratify this deal, the Tory uk govt were happy with the points mentioned.
  5. That sounds like a problem that will take longer than the 2-4 weeks to rectify they informed the residents. Replacing the gas system would take months for that many residences surely? I suppose they could throw many gangs to do the work to speed it up but is that likely with there being 5 blocks in such a close proximity? Something of the order of 650 residences/4000 residents in question. Quite a few of whom are on airbeds in a leisure centre, hopefully they will be housed in hotels tonight.
  6. The smell worsens from this tragedy. The fact that the chairman was CE of Kensington Council until 2014 and the trustee is boss of the company that supplied the cladding to the council is absolutely nothing to do with it, just complete coincidence we are expected to believe. I wonder why... well I dont, I think the evidence speaks for itself.
  7. Absolutely, as Grenfell showed it is better to be safe than sorry. Maybe the letter they received this morning wasnt clear about the having to move out but far better to deal with complaints from 167 live households than having to explain why you didnt move them out and have any number of deceased residents as a result. My comment about the council not getting what they asked for was with regard to the company/ies supplying the cladding not actually fitting what they were paid to fit.
  8. Little has been written about Chuck and Mary's whirlwind romance and subsequent marriage after they met at Woodstock in 69 when Mary was 35 and Chuck 9 years her senior. It was while Mary was off her tits on a cocktail of psychedelic drugs when she saw Chuck live for the first time. Sadly life on the road took it's toll on the sweethearts and they were divorced the next year which saw Mary spiral down into the world of home economics Fortunately the liaison produced their beautiful daughter Halle and her thespianly challenged twin brother Nick.
  9. Yup exactly what I mean, as explained in the linky. I imagine we will see a few cladding firms go to the wall as a result of these actions.
  10. Seems like councils arent getting what they asked for at least in Camden.
  11. My understanding is the council are asking them to move in with friends and family for the 4 weeks work is expected to take and any complaints were about the lack of notice for moving.
  12. Residents have been told to leave the Chalcot Estate immediately after Camden Council receives new advice over fire safety and cladding in wake of Grenfell disaster
  13. Private owners of tower blocks are not being forced to fire-test them, even if they have similar cladding to Grenfell Tower. The government is testing the cladding on all relevant council or housing association blocks of homes over 18 metres high after the blaze that killed 79 people. Such cladding is feared to have spread the deadly inferno in the 24-storey west London high-rise more quickly. But although it's opened the same testing facility to private block owners, it is not currently forcing them to use it. Instead the government "expects" private landlords will be "responsible" and use the facility, Downing Street said.
  14. Everything Ive heard so far point to the fridge fire breaking out of the window and then igniting something outside. Hopefully, and I use that word in the right manner here, they will find the cladding was not the correct type and that the type as specced would not have gone up like it did. Im not sure that that will prove to be the case though.