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  1. Thank you
  2. RIP Kieth Palmer
  3. Laurie that's bad, I might have to withhold your new bss for that 😫 lolGood to see you yesterday and boats looking really good!
  4. I may be available and have a VHF license.
  5. I got through lock 6 yesterday by putting a piece of 4" * 2" between the gates, did the job.
  6. Pm sent Thank you
  7. Wow what ever you went away to do more interesting, obviously wasn't !😂
  8. Re opened I think?
  9. Road bridge as well, I wouldn't have thought that's a quick fix?
  10. In your opinion
  11. Did you see the water taxis?
  12. Horbury
  13. have a word with Huw on the flyboat if your desperate, he might sell you some