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  1. Thanks for posting this. I need to tackle a similar job, so your experience is very useful.
  2. Thanks for ideas and info. Will have to look into it a bit further.
  3. Thanks for that, very interesting.
  4. I have an iphone with 3 network which is great for internet access on the boat. Trouble is it is dire at home, and I could do with improving the signal somehow. I am thinking some kind of signal booster might be in order, but am confused at all the types that appear to be available. Can anybody recommend a suitable device? I have no home broadband. Thank you.
  5. Came through Dutton on Wednesday and wondered why it was so quiet, and sadly now know the reason. Rest in peace, Tim. You were always helpful and knowledgeable. My condolences to Tim's family.
  6. I am gutted. I have been on the receiving end of Maureen's "instructions" more than once, and we will really miss her. She remembered my wife's boating family from way back. It will always be "Maureen's Lock" to me, and it would be a fitting tribute if it could be renamed thus. The country seems to lack such characters today and it is a great pity to lose the remaining few we have left. RIP Maureen.
  7. Our workshop is piped that way.
  8. Ours got water in it and sounded abysmal. Blast of WD and left it to dry in the airing cupboard at home. Good as new.
  9. Are workers in cigarette factories allowed to smoke?
  10. The lid off that white plastic trunking is ideal for fishing wires. You can tape extra lengths together if needed, it is flexible but at the same time rigid enough to be pushed.
  11. I don't get that! When ours is doing this in/out thing and the fridge happens to kick in, then it settles down and stays on. Obviously a different issue.
  12. I know others who report much the same. Problem is our washer is very fussy and needs pure sine.
  13. My Sterling pure sine clicks in and out with a Nokia phone charger, or ANY LOAD UNDER 40 WATTS. Charles told me that it only does this in the "standby" mode .
  14. Thanks, I am considering doing that next time. Will contact you then.
  15. What would be a suitable varnish?