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  1. I can confirm that the lock has reopened. However the trees across the weir stream have not been removed - I don't think they are CRTs responsibility. If they are not moved they will form a rather nice adventure play ground - I was tempted to cross the river on them!! They will also soon collect debris and form a new weir.
  2. Our powder ones had reached the end of their life so I replaced them with A3F foam ones. They are slightly bigger that the equivalent powder ones but when discharged they do not make such a mess. They also do not have powder compaction problems. They do satisfy the BSC requirements,
  3. Look at the API rating for the oil. CC or CD is acceptable as to viscosity etc 15/40 or 20/50. B&Q did do it at a decent price but I haven't looked for any recently. Morris oils sell it by the 25ltr drum.
  4. The stoppage is now extended until 27th March accordinging to a notice pinned to the safety rails. Works were in progress today. The bottom of the lock has collapsed where the heel posts of the bottom gates are located. This left the gates gates hanging on their collars - seeMatty40s photo above. The ground in the are of the lock is not good - clay and gravels. CRT Kier and their grouting specialists are trying to stabilise the ground by injecting a tresin based compound - concrete would have to be pumped over 75m to get to the lock as thre is no road access to it. .Once the ground is stable and able to be load bearing the base of the lock can be re-instated and the gates re-hung.There are no plans to dredge the bottom of the lock despite it being full of junk!! We hope that the lock does open as predicted as we plan to go round the East Mids ring starting on 1st April. In addition to the works on the locks a couple of trees have fallen across the adjacent back water. They will need removing as they will form a dam and a temporary bridge for the locals kis to play on!!
  5. We found Brades were rather short and needed all fenders up with Auriga many years ago. We also stuck trying to get out of Camp Hill top lock we eventually got out with the help of BW a tirfor and every body rocking the boat!
  6. Came across this photo on Facebook of the Navigation in 1906. Thought people might be interested in it.
  7. Talk to Matty40S of this parish - his business Old Friends could organise most of your requirements on your behalf.
  8. There is a clean up of the Soar around the Outdoor Pursuit Centre of Friday 3rd March from 1to4pm. More info on their website This is part of the Great British Springclean weekend Cleanups are organised on a regular basis by the LOPC. Last Saturday 23 bags of rubbish and one safe were collected. They do a great job helping to keep clean a fairly grotty bit of river.
  9. Just to say we visited Tyto today and the Soar went into flood while we were at Sileby. It was still rising when we left. No doubt it will drop again tomorrow.
  10. Just an update on this planned stoppage for repair starts 20th February ends 6th March. Currently navigation restricted to narrowboats as the damaged gate is fixed shut.
  11. Sad news - I always enjoyed Fiona's articles and blog. Thw world is a poorer place without her and her writing.
  12. Cracked my head on that one while concentrating on my lunch some time last year!!!
  13. We have two dump through toilets on Tyto and we never put anything in to help the digestion process and we don't get smells. We only pump out two or three times a year with two 40gal holding tanks.
  14. This is the same system as we have on Tyto. It was installed by Howard Williams who does the electrical courses for RCR. It is foolproof as you cannot have both supplies connected at the same time. I can't manage a photo as it is in a cupboard with no space to take one.
  15. I agree we were there in October and moored not far from Waitrose and in the basin below the locks. We had good food and excellent blues music in Telfords Warehouse pub. We found the broad locks quite hard work - the very low geared paddles take a lot of winding up - about 40turns per paddle. We are used to the almost 1 to 1 gearing on the Soar. But the trip into Chester was well worth making.