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  1. The only fitting of theirs we have used are a couple of linear LED strips. I used their lamps when converting existing fittings. We have used these spots as reading lights from Midland Chandlers https://www.midlandchandlers.co.uk/store/category/1347/product/vl-402.aspx They have proved to be very good.
  2. I ahve used Aten as a source of light fittings and replacement bulbs. They have given me excellent service. https://www.atenlighting.co.uk/
  3. Polesworth has an excellent secondhand book shop - G&J Chesters. Its the best we know of on the system.
  4. I will put further information on this forum and Farcebook nearer the time. The date is not yet cast in stone it will be either Friday 29th or Saturday 30th December. Venue will be the Paget Arms unless the landlord thought we were too rowdy last year and bans us for this!! The beer is good likewise the food. The company is excellent, there are hotels nearby for those travelling as for me I cycle to it. More information on banters can be found in this thread http://canalworld.net/forums/index.php?/topic/88379-what-is-a-banter/
  5. There is a firm in Mansfield that can cut, laminate heat treat glass in any shape or size up to 6mx3m!! An overkill for a boat window but they do do small one off jobs. I was on a train the other day with window glass made by them. They also do Llloyds registerd glass for ships. http://www.independentglass.co.uk/about-us/qtg.aspx I do have an interest in them as I designed and supervised the construction of the Mansfield factory for them. The photo on the web page is of a large water jet cutter. If however you want special effects on the replacement window try Creative Glass at Ilkeston https://www.creativeglass.net/glass-etching/ They have really good craftsmen doing things with glass which are just superb.
  6. Try Quorn glass in Loughborough http://www.quornglass.co.uk
  7. The worst things I can remember getting on the prop were on the BCN Challenge many years ago when we took part with Ed Mortimer and Steve Jackson on Auriga. Outside Dudley tunnel - we went through towed by an electric tug- enough telephone wire to wire up half of Birmingham. Then later on in Walsall we picked up a crane lifting strop some 6m long. It stopped Auriga's Lister!! We got it off by unravelling it hand cranking the engine with the de-compression taps open.
  8. Loughborough HWRC is 200m from Nottingham road bridge and has waste oil facilities. Likewise Denby Dale Road HWRC Wakefield has a waste oil facility it's accessible fro Thornes lock
  9. Middleport pottery is canalside and has moorings. Its worth a visit. Hanley museum and art gallery is also good.
  10. It is actually quite easy to get caught on the cill when ascending at Kegworth (and Aston, Weston, Swarkestone and Stenson on the lower T&M). The cills have a projecting lip which the front of the boat can get caught under and held down when the lock is filling. Its safer to be right at the back on these locks- it also takes you out of much of the turbulence fron the gate paddles. It happened to us last year at Weston fortunately the weak link in our front fender fixing broke and we floated free. So if in doubt use the wires at Kegworth or ropes and the appropriate bollards in the others to hold the boats position in these locks.
  11. We had a similar experience many years ago in a hire boat. We got a railway sleeper stuck between the side of the boat and the tunnel. Only after some time did we get free by using the gang plank to batter the sleeper under water where the taper of the hull freed the boat and we managed to get the sleeper into the front well deck of the boat. A very frighteneing experience. If we had not got the boat free I was prepared to walk out to the nearest entrance and call the emergency services - this would not have been a nice thing to do.
  12. I browse a railway modelling blog which occasionaly has canal photos on it such as this one of the Oxford canal at Brinklow http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/85326-dave-fs-photos-ongoing-more-added-24th-april/page-393#
  13. Moor in Loughborough the Leicester side of the junction. The basin is noisy and a pig to wind in. There are bollards outside the ex Albion pub if you turn right at the junction. There is good beer at The Swan in the Rushes and plenty of decent eateries to suit all tastes. Good supermarkets in walking distance and Englands best outdoor market on Thursdays and saturdays. Cheshire Rose also rates the charity shops!!!
  14. I can confirm that the lock has reopened. However the trees across the weir stream have not been removed - I don't think they are CRTs responsibility. If they are not moved they will form a rather nice adventure play ground - I was tempted to cross the river on them!! They will also soon collect debris and form a new weir.
  15. Our powder ones had reached the end of their life so I replaced them with A3F foam ones. They are slightly bigger that the equivalent powder ones but when discharged they do not make such a mess. They also do not have powder compaction problems. They do satisfy the BSC requirements,