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  1. ...the same benefits system that pays public money into private landlords' hands, on a massive scale?
  2. Yes, that's basically the conclusion I came to last Saturday. If you can see oil,but there obviously isn't too much, all is well!
  3. What I fail to understand is this. If public money to Northern Ireland is a Good Thing, because it will encourage investment by stimulating the private economy, improve the infrastructure, and provide more employment... ... then why is it a Bad Thing for the rest of the country? That's an intensely patronising attitude from somebody who should know better. No wonder the "youth" are turning against their elders and betters.
  4. Thanks for that confirmation - I can never remember!
  5. Has anyone else spotted the confirmation straight from the horse's mouth?
  6. It may be obvious to you, but it's not what I have said anywhere. That's pretty B-rate even for a straw man argument.
  7. As I recall, the fire extinguisher requirements vary according to the equipment on board as well as the expiry date. I don't need to comment on the decision/opinion of any individual examiner, nor can I without all the facts, but I note that neither you nor Arthur has answered my question as to when you would prefer to find out an extinguisher was no good. I imagine it's not when there's a fire. I am well aware that 'expired' extinguishers will often work perfectly well, but that's not the point, is it? What if somebody less intelligent or considered than your good selves decided that an expired extinguisher was fine, then couldn't escape from a fire because it didn't work? Risk management is all about "what if" and minimising the danger. Where do you draw the line? As to the acceptable extinguishers the examiner just happened to have with him, there was no compulsion as far as I can see to take advantage of a service other people might well have found helpful. As to the 'passing' of expired extinguishers, why would you offer a boat for a BSS exam with extinguishers six years out of date?
  8. Electricians and mechanics, even some inspectors and examiners, maybe. Engineers should be able to explain things to an intelligent layman (or woman). That is what professional engineering is all about. At what point would you prefer to discover that your extinguishers were no good?
  9. A question I've been asking for months. Now, at least, we have an honest answer: see below. Thank you. Exactly. The truth is, regardless of whether or not Brexit was desired or desirable, the whole referendum thing was based on big fat lies which Cameron though wouldn't matter.
  10. That must be why the Brexiteers have been whingeing away since 1975 then.
  11. When we put in our macerator system we were advised not to use any additives. I agree with the above sentiments. I always hesitate before using any cleaning aid in the pan -- I tell myself that Ecover is probably all right ... no smells yet, so that seems OK.
  12. Charlie has the long-lived gene but I don't think she does.
  13. Invoking the non-existent to aid the irrelevant? [/irony] While we're doing the vowels, there was an Emperor Ai in Chinese history (Han dynasty). He was famously overtly gay.
  14. It has rained here today. Plenty of water in the Macc.
  15. *Sigh* Your facts are correct but your logic is wrong. If you remove all the sober drivers then ALL road deaths -- 100% -- will have alcohol as a contributory factor. The statistics given do not help to determine the actual numbers.