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  1. Meanwhile back in the real world I see that the 27 might make Britain pay what it owes (ie what it is already committed to) before embarking on any trade agreement negotiations. Who'd have thought Johnny Foreigner could hold us to our word?
  2. And in the meantime, are you happy with no nurses or medical staff? Of course not. Shame you can't just make some up to fill the immediate shortfall.
  3. There's a reason Stratocasters are expensive. They are made properly, by experts. Perhaps playing in tune is slightly more important than looks?
  4. On the final point, I'd be interested to learn how making large corporations pay their bills on time (which is the policy) has any adverse effects for the person in the street. The large corporations are sitting on money that isn't theirs, and in the worst cases making people go bust, so if they have built the practice into their business model they are trading fraudulently.
  5. I have. When the batteries are going flat the lights go dim. The OP does not appear to be a live-aboard.
  6. She might well, and she'd be right. She isn't always, though.
  7. "Playful animals" Aww, so that's all right then. I wonder if CRT will charge their riders* for the consequences of their negligence? *or owners
  8. You are using an extreme example which grossly over-simplifies the position. As you say, an illogical conclusion. It also disregards the point that not everybody is purely money-motivated, but work because they actually like doing what they do.
  9. APART FROM: Education Health Pensions (these three account for half of all pubic spending in the UK) The legal system Roads Railways Ensuring that the products you buy do (relatively) little harm Protecting the environment People to run the public services Defence Benefits, in order to prevent the beneficiaries stealing your stuff instead, or inconveniently dropping down dead in the street ...All of which you have paid for before you make your choices, on the basis that everybody wants them.
  10. Perhaps you need to look up the definition of 'fascist' before you use the word pejoratively? It is the right-wing parties in France, Netherlands and Germany who want to see the break-up of the EU.
  11. There's a consideration missing from the above. If you give money to the poor, it is immediately recycled into society - the poor have no choice but to spend it. It you give money to the wealthy, they have the option of spending it, investing to make profit, or just sitting on it (the last two are not completely separated). But in terms of stimulating local economies, it must be better for everybody if wealth is redistributed instead of just saying "it won't work".
  12. And we can also safely assume that all extreme right-wingers have fascist tendencies. Not sure about the bird-life in pro-EU gardens though.
  13. Looks as if my 3000-hour Beta 43 has a week or two in it yet, then!
  14. Cameron Britain: Reality TV where anyone can vote without consequences because my pals have all the money anyway. May Britain: Give me another five years and I might work out where we're going when we get there.
  15. Easily done if you have none of either. That's a singularly graceless admission of the accuracy of my VAT history.