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  1. I think you are right, it is probably unique and not always in a good way. The engine is cocooned and has a hospital silencer (good), in the bathroom (neutral), hard against the side of the boat (bad for access). If I am having a drink on the front deck I genuinely cannot tell if the engine is on or off (I am getting on but my hearing is still good).
  2. I can't say about vibration because I have not been in a boat alongside mine so I wont argue about it. I do say, without fear of accurate contradiction, that you will not hear my engine. Not a single Thames lock keeper did, all the way between Oxford and Brentford. One was even able to tell another boat that he must turn off or leave the lock without me reaching for the off button.
  3. If my engine was running you would be unable to hear it even if your front fender was against my rear one. As for exhaust, mine leaves via a pipe through the roof, 14 feet forward of the steering position, so at least 20 feet from the cabin of any boat moored immediately behind me. This does not stop people leaving pointless gaps, perhaps I should change my deodorant! Frank.
  4. They say that the standard of 'maths' today is poor but I am always surprised that so many people are able to work out the exact apex of a bend and then moor on it.
  5. Speaking strictly for myself and my 70', deep drafted boat - when I was "new to the canals" I would have got annoyed and wondered afterwards if I should have done something else. Now, 40+ years later I just take the rough with the smooth and let the shortsighted, the unthinking and the idiots get on with it. Either tie up until they have gone or, better, use the various "obstructions" to practice your boat handling skills. In any case, chill, the canals can be the last refuge of the calm and collected - on your boat (and mine) if not on all of them. It's starting to get nasty out there but we don't have to join in! Frank.
  6. And he's overdone it on the tonic!
  7. I no longer moor at Mercia but would recommend it for the proximity to Willington. It has all (more or less) the facilities of Barton but noticeably better mooring pontoons. If you are not part of the 'in group' then the staff are a bit cool but this never worried me. If you don't have/don't want to use a car, then this is the marina for you. Frank.
  8. Ah, yes. Was thinking of pubs, restaurants and shops (well pubs mainly). Forgot the rail museum. It's not too bad, you do see an occasional moorer, even the odd hire boat. There are also some rings on the tow path side near the remains of Tyseley wharf. Depth can be a problem.
  9. I currently live very close to the GU through Acocks Green and Tyseley and walk the dog on that stretch most days when home. I would be happy to moor here but less so if the boat had to be left alone. There is very little to leave the boat for in the immediate area so that's not really a problem. If it would simplify your plans, I wouldn't let mooring here put you off. Frank.
  10. Apologies, I inadvertently misnamed the poster, sorry.
  11. Yes, by the elsan. To be honest, if the alley wasn't fenced off there would be much more. I can't recall any before Cambrian wharf on the route into Birmingham.
  12. Sorry, do you agree with Nightwatch that the post was sarcastic - so do I. Or do you agree with 'content' of the post. If the second, I can't agree, I think there is a lot of expertise on here.
  13. I suspected sarcasm might be involved by the " - ". Your final sentence confirmed this. I'll try you on one - what a really useful and informative post - there, what do you think?
  14. This is probably not news but a quick search didn't reveal it. The Cart offices in Fazeley have closed (in March) and now (at least since Easter) the rubbish disposal facility has been withdrawn. The Elsan and water is still available but I wonder if they will survive new tenants in the office building. Frank.
  15. I can confirm that both Cuthound and Zeus noticed us creeping past yesterday morning though neither of them barked (but then it was after 11am). He won't have recognised the boat because although we know its name, the previous owners were confused and had the wrong name written on. I'll get round to sorting this out sooner or later. Frank