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    South Of York. The other side of the Pennines.

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    Meandering the byeways
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    Jean Margaret

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  1. That wasn't graffiti ... that was the first draft of Cheshire Rose's memoires ... Oh ... hang on ... I see what you mean ..
  2. Just keep taking the pills, Richard, and I'm sure it'll be all better by morning.
  3. Ok ... I know I've spent the last fortnight having a bit of a snooze ... but I swear that something's changed .... Has Bazza changed his socks? There's something ... different ...
  4. A word to the wise ... don't get lost in 'The Woolworths Experience' in Miss Twoswords. Went down the Pick'n'Mix section and the next thing I knew was that I've just spent the last two days working in their haberdashers!
  5. Don't forget that all forms must be completed in triplicate and ... and this is the kicker ... countersigned by Responsible Person.
  6. Eh?? I thought you invented speed-cameras? After all - they are an embodiment of evil, surely?
  7. We've scotch and anthracite, if that's OK?
  8. dokey?
  9. Ewww!! You've just put some awful mental images in my head, Richard! And, oh, that wasn't slops in the bucket ... it was Nobber's tatting homework ...
  10. Oi!! I am not vertically challenged ... I just have a lot of ladders ...
  11. Just back from trying to sell off a load of second-hand boiled cheese sandwiches to some Eskimos. I think Willi was pulling my leg when he said they wouldn't mind the lack of pickle. They went mental! Had to raid one of MP's bank-accounts that I'd set-up in his name to get several tuns of Branston's best flown in.
  12. Pah!!! That's not what you said when you enjoyed my microwaved toast the other day.
  13. Correct! Have a packet of deep-fried water. It's very nice. So I've been told.
  14. Ok, who left this pile of black and white photos of obscure rubbish-bins? They're all dated between 2/4/1829 and 4/4/1829.
  15. airs?? airs?? Said 'graces' on the packet! That's the last time I get insta-pizza from Baldock's cash'n'carrion.