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  1. I'm with Paul on this one....potentially a hell of a lot of work unless it's a bare shell. Most of the builders I work with would suck their teeth...... Dave
  2. Hi. Tell me more, I knew some of the BMCCC boaters from the 60s....Dave Here are a couple of pics of similar work by Ron from Crane's cabin.
  3. With the relative scarcity of good quality canal tinware, I always keep half an eye out for old stuff that may be lurking somewhere. Last week, on a short break with friends in Cornwall, we called in to Wadebridge, where the Antique Centre sported an old and very faded can at a most reasonable price. I suspect that it had sat outdoors for many years, probably in someone's garden. Once home I oiled it to bring out what was left of the painting and I'm virtually certain that it's by Ron Hough from the 50s/60s. There's not enough paint left to add it to my collection of historic stuff, but I'm hesitant to strip it and repaint it. Any thoughts? Dave
  4. I've just been speaking to someone who was there. Some chains realised £80, most items went for reasonable sums, whereas a couple of windlasses made around £200 each! 'Kinell!!!! Dave
  5. I've no idea why the number changed, perhaps a slip of the signwriter's brush? It's not unknown. Years ago I accidentally enlarged a customer's family by painting " and sons " when there was only one! Luckily he was a friend who took it in good part. Lovely to see the early photograph. Malcolm was partly responsible for my involvement in canals, I've known him since the early 60s. The lettering is the work of Ted Chetwynd, a Black Country boatyard signwriter...watching him work was the inspiration to pick up brushes when I was a teen, many years ago. Dave
  6. Hi David I agree that the bread bin is not likely the work of a dock or boatman painter. The flowers seem to bear a strong resemblance to those in the Ann Young book, the paint almost certainly Humbrol. Your call as to its fate...I wouldn't put it on Resolute! Someone may want to give it a good home. Dave
  7. Oak I remember. Built by Orion in the 90s, I lettered it when new. At £130, somewhat overpriced in my opinion. Couldn't be arsed with the video!
  8. The boat is Arcturus, owned by Bryan Nicoll who used her as a trip boat.
  9. This is why coils of rope left on a cabin top are a bad idea. I've seen many instances of blistering when they are removed after some time. They may look pretty, but.... Dave This is why coils of rope left on a cabin top are a bad idea. I've seen many instances of blistering when they are removed after some time. They may look pretty, but.... Dave
  10. What a joke! Dave
  11. At times, I'm asked to suggest a value on old painted items such as this. My usual reply, these days, is " Whatever someone is willing to pay for it" ....there seem to be many enthusiasts prepared to pay considerable sums for this ware, borne out over several years and highlighted by this auction. A good friend of mine, boating in the 60s, recalls paying £5 for a painted watercan by Ron. Now where is my clock reversing lotion...???
  12. The Anchor at Caunsall, between Kinver and Cookley on the Staffs and Worcs is a delight...a range of real ales and ciders. Cobs....beef, ham or cheese served with lashings of salad are the star feature. We took friends from London on Saturday who were amazed at the atmosphere and prices. There's something about a pint of good ale with a cob or two..... Dave
  13. He looks a prat in my book! Dave
  14. I occasionally use China graphs, more usually Stabilo pencils, from signwriters suppliers, for setting out....just a centre line and very rough positional circles for each flower. They are wax-ish based, but are readily removed with a damp cloth after painting. Some times, I don't bother unless they are too obvious. Feel free to have a go, try to develop a range of petal patterns....lots of good ideas in Flowers Afloat. Tony's work inspired me many years ago....I'm happy to send better images if you'd care to furnish an email address. Always happy to encourage folk who care! Dave
  15. Consistency and brush loading are crucial factors. I load paint into the brush from a palette, adding reducer or white spirit if necessary. I work the bush through the paint to load it, when you can do so with almost no resistance, consistency is about right. I always work with the entire bristle loaded fully. Most canal roses have a large or major petal, this is painted first and everything else has to work around it. Usually, I then add supplementary petals under the major petal, then start on the other side with smaller ones, finishing off with a crescent and tiny petals at the head of the flower.