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    viziting arntys and unkles
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    Buns. speshally frooty wuns.

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    Hammy's little helper (redundunt)
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    shiny red sidecar
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    Snibble - authorised by Jon

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  1. Hiya Unka Moley <waves> Will there be coke an c'isps?
  2. £94 and 98 pee for the guy
  3. Clear off Grandad you are putting the punters off £95 for the guy
  4. The biggistest box o fireworks in the newsagents is £95
  5. £95 for the guy?
  6. Noooooo! don' want unka wichard to be poorly I wants unka wichard to get better Is there c'isps? an coke?
  7. yoohoo unka snibs I is over here waving <Nobber waves some more>
  8. Hiya unka snibbles <Nobber waves>
  9. Can I ave sum c'isps Unka Snibs? an oo dat uvver nobber? I finks ee's a 'poster an ee's ony tendin to be me
  10. Crakkle fizzz I is a pylon fizzzzzz spt
  11. Weeeeeeeeee we is fying agen oo's first Unka Snib dus enywun get speshull dewivewy? Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  12. Ssssssssssssssss
  13. Ello Unka snib I is reddy Will there be c'isps and coke
  14. Hapy Birfday Unka Richard You my faverit unka
  15. I is fritend I dunt like fightin <sniff>