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  1. Well I'm damned - mine does that too! I never asked it to and had you not mentioned it I'd never have realised. Just another aspect of this frustrating new format. Why not have the VNC set up as one click as it was before which appears to be a majority desire and all other variations as the clickable options.
  2. Ah well at least I tried! I can go back to grumbling about the new format.
  3. Not on my iphone unless I'm doing it wrong which is entirely possible.
  4. I think I've finally grasped how to set my 'activity stream' but I still need several clicks to reach it. Is it possible to achieve one click nirvana ?
  5. You probably have - but so have the rest of us. New edition bloat happens in many industries - today's Ford Fiesta for example is weighed down with features that the salesman can make sound exciting but the owner will rarely bother with. (Pauses for irritating double spacing) I often thought there was money to be made providing stripped out versions of Word etc for those who just wanted one or two basic functions. This forum though is just a triumph of geekery I'm afraid.
  6. It's starting to go over my head now. How would I know what my cut in and out pressures are - and how would setting them up benefit the system? I was a fan of the Sensormax until it went wrong - it was very quiet, gave smooth water delivery and needed no accumulator. It also demanded no tech knowledge from the installer!
  7. Thanks Tony - sounds simple enough. So a daft follow up question: what does this achieve? Does this turn a standard pump into one like the Sensormax which runs at a constant pressure by revving the motor suitably up and down? Or is it just a more reliable version of the standard pump switch? As you can see, I'm getting confused!
  8. In a word 'Agreed!'
  9. So how would I fit a D Squared switch Tony? From what I can see the mechanicals of mine are the same as a standard one - the difference is at the nose where there is some sort of electrical pick up that links back into the motor and some sort of little nylon jobby (a technical term) that can move up and down. There's also a small sealed box of electric bits called an 'EMI filter' on the 12v feed wiring to the pump.
  10. Sorry but this new look is a big step in the wrong direction for me. I do most of my reading on the phone and I'm now scrolling endlessly to get through 'new content' because there is so little info on a page and so much space wasted with bumpf. Virtually every forum I use has a straightforward grid style layout that you can scan fast to find what you want.
  11. It gets bad reviews - more complex, doesn't do the job as well and goes wrong a lot. Quite a feat!
  12. Well it appears to be the pump. Swapped it for an old one I had and everything seems ok. So that's a £250 pump lasting three years - rubbish, eh! They don't make them anymore (wonder why) so I will have to plumb in an accumulator too. I can't see anything obviously wrong with the old one - no debris etc - so I guess it's electronickery gone pop. Thanks for all the advice.
  13. We ran the water tank dry today, refilled it and water ran through taps ok - but the pump kept running when they were shut until the PRV opened and started dumping it overboard. It's a Jabsco Sensormax pump, the constant pressure type so no cold side accumulator, calorifier has a 3bar PRV and there's a hot side expansion vessel. That's on about 2bar. Is there a logical way to fault find this or do I just keep replacing bits? The system ran fine before the tank went dry - I can't help think there's a link.
  14. Plenty of mess around most of these locks even without draining them!
  15. I'd go for a small diesel stove like a Refleks or Taylor's. Need no electric, can run 24/7 without attention, very economical.