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  1. Reduced once more, now at £12,995. I looked at Ivy when she was for sale at Venetian at almost £45k. I thought the interior a little too cramped in certain parts especially for the price being asked. My boat is on hard-standing at Aqueduct Marina so I have seen Ivy arrive on hard-standing, a skip placed in front of her and it filled as the interior has emptied. It is sad to see a decent boat in it's current state. If only it was 18 months ago when I had no boat ....
  2. I have looked at a boat for sale at Aqueduct Marina which has a 1938 Ailsa Craig RFSF2 engine installed. I wonder whether any member has experience of them, especially in a narrowboat. What the engines are like, the reliability and spares availability. I can find little information on Ailsa Craig engines on the internet. Even a search on CanalWorld only brings up a couple of aged topics and links included in those discussions are now inactive. Any information gratefully received.
  3. I live alongside bridge 43 on Llangollen Canal, Platt Lane, with a still derelict roofless Wagonners Inn down the road. The canal is very quiet (relative to previous years although still busy compared to most other canals) this year with a lot of the local hire boats left in the bases even at this time of year, the peak season.
  4. George back downstream at Bridge 43 ...
  5. George made it through Hurleston as they went under Bridge 43 last week.
  6. A couple of weeks ago Battersea made the trip up the Llangollen Canal (I live alongside Bridge 43, Platt Lane). Very few ex-working boats make the effort, probably due to the beam issue at Hurleston locks and also the reduced draught available towards Llangollen.
  7. My parents hired Martin Frobisher from SUC Norbury Junction Spring Bank Holiday week 1975. It had an opening roof, although no forward steering and was not draughty. It had a Lister SR3, not a SR2. A very nice boat it was too, although a little primitive by today's standards.
  8. Now on hard-standing at Reading Marine, Aldermaston Wharf.
  9. Contact details for TopBox are '', Nick Atton. I think Braunston Boats are an agent/supplier of TopBoxes. When I spoke to Nick he was most helpful. Not only do they do standard sizes, supplied in primer for you to paint a topcoat to match the boat it will sit on, but I have spoken to a boat owner who had one made to a non-standard size.
  10. InThe Times today, it is written that The Treasury is looking at either floating on The Stock Exchange or selling off to banks British Waterways and all the associated assets to avoid the annual grant it gives BW and to raise £6billion.
  11. I have seen advertised for sale a 62 foot tug-style narrowboat built by Equinox in 1998 at Tooleys Yard in Banbury. I have found little information about Equinox following searches on the 'net. Does anybody have any experience of the builders, the quality and specifications of their boats and whether they are still in business? Many thanks.
  12. British Waterways had some of boats similar to this in their hire fleets (Nantwich and Hillmorton) in the 1970s. It is indeed a Morgan Giles, and they were powered by Perkins 4.108 diesel engines with hydraulic drive.