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    My bike - sailing - fishing - reading - photography - avoiding anything to do with football - No longer dreaming about my boat but using it now I have one - walking - wild camping

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  1. "Lucky Man" - One of my Desert Island Discs Great talent
  2. The Hobbit Part 3 "The Battle Of The Five Bumholes"
  3. 80 quid is a bit strong for Lemontoes and I Me? I'd be happy to find somewhere to have a drink and I don't mind if I'm in bed for 10 unless there's some half way decent company
  4. Not a bad day's work for an unmotivated person then
  5. Roving traders need to get to the next floating market, fair, festival, selling venue
  6. Having never read one perhaps I should try a new reading experience
  7. October? Leaves on the prop without a doubt Quick burst of revs in reverse would have cleared it. In narrow, shallow, places dropping the revs is always good because high revs will drag the bottom down etc reducing hydrodynamic efficiency so yes you are right about that. The bloke behind you? his job is to maintain his distance or offer a positive solution - not risk pushing you into an error He was a pillock
  8. Itjust gets worserer and worserer
  9. Its not that. I thought you'd spelt illiterate wrong. You hadn't. I cocked up
  10. Point Of Order Mr Speaker!
  11. How big is the tablecloth?
  12. Just tried to register so I can vote and it says it find the page ETA - Tried again. My votes have been cast
  13. Bonus! Pleased to have been of assistance
  14. I have had a Bosch router (green one) for twenty five years or so. Used it for occasional DIY stuff as you intend. And have been very happy with it. It came with some bracketry and guides that I have actually never used. I am unsure what you mean by 1/4 and 1/2 inch tools. Do you mean the diameter of the tool shank? My router takes 1/4 inch shanked tools of which there are loads available from various sources. I tend to buy single tools as I need them rather than sets. Individually more expensive but cheaper than buying a boxfull some of which you may never use. For your intended use, and if you were to go with Bosch, I would go with green given the cost of the blue range. I find a useful guide when deciding what to buy is to have a look on Amazon and read the reviews Edited to add - Just been to check and mine is actually from the blue range (POF50) so all I said above about the difference between the two Bosch ranges might be waffle I may not have helped