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  1. Won't this option use far more power,,how much does the invertor use
  2. No invertor hence the need for 12v
  3. Because I would rather use the space for storage as we are a bit lacking in that department, its only for a one or two night stay so wanted something a lot smaller and cheaper
  4. We have a large hole where a fridge previously lived, was thinking of purchasing a 12v compressor cool box just to keep a couple of pints of milk ,a bottle of wine and a few breakfast items chilled, the smaller ones are around the £300 mark ,just wondering if there were any recommendations as to which ones or is there an alternative I should be looking at , at the moment we are using a standard 12v coolbox which is pretty garbage and power hungry.. Was thinking something like this http://www.force4.co.uk/dometic-cf-16-portable-fridge-freezer.html#.WXJdY6DTXqB Was thinking something like this http://www.force4.co.uk/dometic-cf-16-portable-fridge-freezer.html#.WXJdY6DTXqB
  5. Oh dear that's a real shame, looking forward to the updates and then you post up bad news
  6. Sanitary station in Bilsborrow a bit further down Or just moor up somewhere remote ,I'm currently tied up at Woodplumpton enjoying the view
  7. Would something like that be suitable, they can deliver it to wherever you want, Jon is a bit of an odd guy to deal with though.. http://www.wayfordmarineservices.co.uk/product/norman-23-mkll/
  8. Hope it all goes to plan for you, keep us posted on the trip..
  9. I was in a similar position to you a few weeks back, I purchased a GRP cruiser for not much more than your budget with ,hot water ,shower(one I can't fit in) and warm air heating so they are out there if you are prepared to search
  10. Ha ha no but depending how our first outing pans out it may well be up for sale This might get tiresome though
  11. Maiden voyage is Sunday, planning on staying until Tuesday all being well, we have a car full of stuff but god knows where its all going to go as storage is not the best on board, I'm sure the wife thinks its a 42ft broads cruiser
  12. Excellent news, hope the refurbished parts do the trick and you have a smooth and safe trip to Aston..
  13. Hi new to the canals, after years of hiring boats on the Broads, we have decided to buy something closer to home, due to the wife's limited mobility we have decided to join the grp crew on the Lancaster. First outing is next Sunday all being well we will be heading out after lunch after doing the usual checks and familiorrising with the systems on board