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  1. If a piece already been let in where the rot is on the chine plank was it of poorer quality wood? Regards, HughC.
  2. At Langley Mill opposite your dad's boats. Meteor is soon to return to the same mooring. regards, HughC.
  3. The fit out is important, of course it is, but, if you are considering a new build of either a narrow or wide beam there are more important considerations. If you're gong to CC then you should, as your primary concern, choose a builder who produces hulls that swim well and look right. Long after you have decided on the colour of the work tops or whether or not you need a hairdryer the shape and style of the boat will be what takes your eye every time you leave or return to it. Any part of the fitout can be changed the hull is the most important consideration. Do not be seduced by glossy fitouts of clone craft hulls that swim like bricks and look like sheds. Regards, HughC.
  4. I have now received a reply from CART who say that they identified this lock as being suitable for an early autumn stoppage after consultation with the Erewash Canal Preservation and Development Association. Now I realise that the Erewash is not a destination of choice for many boaters but there are some disturbing elements to this decision. Firstly why on earth should the views of the ECP & DA have an effect on every ones use of the canal. I have, over the years used the Erewash far more than any member the ECP&DA and no one asked my opinion. Secondly CART state in their reply that they are always looking for ways of spreading major stoppages over the year. It would seem that CART can choose which 'stakeholders' they consult with over when to close a canal. They say that this was advertised in January so it will have been easily missed though having been caught out by stoppages on the Erewash I keep a close eye on the stoppage lists and I didn't spot it.Today it is the Erewash next year it may be any of the more popular routes after they have consulted with who ever they choose to justify their decision.CART would I am sure would like there to be a 'boating season' and this would appear to end at the beginning of September. It is, for example, a short step from consulting with an un-representative canal society to consulting with angling interests over closures for large fishing matches. This is not an ill considered rant it is a wake up call. I believe CART are gradually changing the conditions under which they operate the system.
  5. I mailed the East Midlands office in Newark and copied the post to Milton Keynes Customer Services. Regards, HughC.
  6. Planning our only significant trip this year I checked as you do for emergency stoppages on the Erewash. There are none, nor are any listed in the winter stoppage programme published in the last few days. Having been caught out in the past by unlisted stoppages on this canal I then checked on the notices tab, a very small tab indeed, on the CART website. This tells me that there is a complete stoppage on Long Eaton lock from the 19th of September until the 9th of October. If this was an emergency stoppage it would already be closed. If a planned stoppage it should be listed in the published programme. This is going to happen in the early Autumn a prime cruising period between the school summer holidays and the October mid-term. I am aware that the Erewash gets less traffic than many routes but those of us who use it pay the same extortionate licence fees as boaters on the rest of the system. I can't see a better used route being closed with no listed stoppage notice. If any one else is caught out by this please do as I have done and ask CART what the hell is going on. Regards, HughC.
  7. We have Judith Ann(e) with Euromarine Insurance Services who I think are in Broadstairs. Regards, HughC.
  8. As you probably know a Kelvin box relies on the shaft being free to move. In head gear the thrust from the propeller pushes the clutch firmly into engagement. Rather than a tendency to come out of gear their are well attested stories of Scottish fishermen, when returning from extended trips when the engine had been in head gear for days at a time, travelling round in circles whilst hitting the shaft with a heavy hammer in order that the clutches would part company. where the engine had probably been in head gear for days at a time. Gardner with a similar box used a system where the box was held in gear with , I believe, an external screw. In order to fit a thrust box and cardan shaft when using a Kelvin F2 we developed a system where the box was locked into gear without using propeller thrust to hold it there. It is a system that needs further work but it does work. Regards, HughC.
  9. There is of course the Woodeaves Canal near to Fenny Bentley. It was marked on the 1st edition as a mill lade but was used to boat supplies to a cotton mill. I haven't been able to determine the boat or boats used but they must have been fairly small. Regards, HughC.
  10. If my memory serves me correctly we were, as an empty trading boat, allowed a free passage up the nine in the 70's. This was in the Avon en-route to an early Tameside festival. The following year however, because we were carrying a token barrel of beer to facilitate a T.V. programme, we had to pay. Regards, HughC.
  11. Tom has put a short video on You tube of an AS1 marine we have. 10 HP @ 1500. It is worth a look. Regards, HughC.
  12. Yes the Erewash bridges are tight but there are widebeam narrowboat style boats at Langley Mill. Regards, HughC.
  13. Add trim tabs to the rearward portion of the swim. Adjust the size and angle of these until the squat disappears. Two small ones on Wyrd lift the back end by about 1/2" at normal cruising speed, about 3mph I guess. Consider thin film hydrodynamics because the skin drag which IIRC varies as the square of the difference between the water flow and the hull speed is a vital factor. If the equations don't drop out add more terms until they do. HughC.
  15. dpaws you have obviously misread my post. I was not, as you must be aware, directly comparing boats of different lengths. The scientific method relies on observation followed by the determination of a theory which can be tested by experiment. You appear to have missed out step one. Regards, HughC.