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  1. Also make sure you have regular oil changes as after 6 months of no oil movement you can get coagulation and screw the big ends.....i did that after 6 months in iraq. Was goig to do an oil change and my wife was late for work so i risked it and paid the price.....6k car written off pritty much got 1k for it.......
  2. As i would have suspected zenataomm. Nice try tho i guess.
  3. Hi all, Now i may be wrong as a noob to all tge world of narrow boating but ive just seen a boat that has been wallpapered internally in our hunt for our new to us boat..... Now as i say im no eggspurt but wallpaper and the cold......well they dont really work very well.......for example peeling off...... Am i missing something here or is it actualy feasable because if so clever for a modern contempary design idea if not disaster in the making.
  4. If anybody comes across a very modern interior or contemporary 60-65ft semi trad or cruiser stern narrow please let me know. cheers. Rusty she is a nice looking vessel i must say!
  5. She has had a deposit put down on her yesterday......
  6. Good to hear the engine has pedigree. Quite excited now. Wont be happy if i drive 3hrs for a crapper but we must if we want to find our personal diamond in the my case more of a bright bloody pink ruby in the rough........lucky im quiting work or the blokes would loose all respect for me.....well what little i had.....
  7. One thing that does worry me is the boat builder got done for growing a certain smokable plant to help keep his business going as he was in debt to the tune of 150000 according to a newspaper renamed to nick thorpe boat building and have won awards. So a real story of ashes to riches....... get the punn i give up i really do.
  8. Does anybody see anything their in the description to worry you? Is the izuzu engine a respected engine....i know its not a beta.....
  9. Gunna get up and go for this one early bloody mental.......
  10. Got to admit i love the internals alot!!! Very funky and very us our house is very modern and bright also. The classic look is fibe vut we like a bit of sometging special but that pink on the roof and at the cruiser stern would have to go!!!!!! Or id never pilot the damb thing cuz u buggers would laugh at me.
  11. My wife has found the boat of her dreams and im being seriously bullyed here...... check this out...
  12. Just out of interest do you change the rpm rates of your engine during idle to charge your battery system.....speaking from a trucking industry idle over long periods in a truck can cause significant milking of the oild in the filler cap and is not encouraged especialy if just at a fixed RPM.
  13. I was hoping a decent solar set up would provide a reasonable top up for the 12v systems during the summer months and spring and autumn at a push. Im not very knowledgeable about this stuff despite sitting up until 3am this morning with wifey trying to square this electricity draw and heating and hot water options. Im glad i have u all for advice!!!
  14. Will the inverter not smash the back doors out of the 4 leisure batterys if not recieving solar top up? If i stop off for a week i dont want to be runni g the engine for 2/3 hours a day.....silent genny is an option i guess
  15. Its on sale for 52000 which is a fair bit less than we can stretch too if we must for the right boat but i do like the fact its a newish boat being 2015