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  1. The above is loosely correct. They would fall foul of section 2/3 potentialy 4 and 36/37 (management) along with 7 for individuals. Report then the HSE. They will place a prohibition notice or prohibtion for repair on them and a time frame to carry out works.
  2. Its also difficult to cut coke in the blue light so im told........
  3. Hell no!!!! The holday in beds are crap
  4. Yes but as a cc'er you by nature travel alot more than pleasure boaters with moorings........ (or your supposed to) so will effect cc more due to exposure to these mooring restrictions/fee's? My logic anyhow.
  5. Peppers im in a similar situation to you ie widebeam being built but when my sprayfoam goes on as also boat could be built by collingwood i will be tgeir for the spray foam install to be a pain in the ass if they do it wrong..... NZG's youtube video showed they had very good spray foam compared to jono.. hopefully me being their may make tgem a bit more carefull.....im getting a sailaway lined plus an additional budget of 18k so want to see whats behind those pannels!!!!!!
  6. Dont get me wrong ive not got my boat yet (awaiting build slot march 2018) but the preception i get from alot of people i talk to and tye consultation papers online is that the C&RT do not do things correctly, are concreting more towpath (great) but not putting in mooring rings so removing those mooring spots....putting large fees in areas they want to maintain as idealic and natural beauty spots by keeping those on the waterways away. And not to mention the latest licence review shambles.....its a shame as they are a charity first and foremost.............. I may be wrong with regards to the above as i do not currently live on or even own a boat and i may of fallen fowl to negative perception of them from those on the towpath who may not be acting within the legal frame work...... I hope you guys prove me wrong to lift my spirits
  7. Does anyone get the feeling that cc'ers are going yo be forced off the waterways before long here.....not the dossers but genuine abiding by the rules cc'ers........ bloody country is going to pot.
  8. Yes its very narrow barely enough to get your foot on so does not i guess constitute as a deck ergo the VAT clearance. Can i ask what depth insulation foam they have said they will put on? Reason being collingwood may build my boat or another of the builders (depends who they book it with they have 3) andmy agreement stated a minimum of 15mm.
  9. Most i have viewed just have a simple drop over hinge with a padlock........
  10. I dont watch it and never had but im glad my wife is not the time lord.......cuz she could not make a decision so fast thinking saving the world......down the pan and also if an episode shoukd happen to be based in a mall with minutes to save the world from exploding........she would get distracted by the shoes and handbags and boooooom...... think yourself lucky everyone!
  11. Right wikid, im going to carefully "dump" under a hedgerow from now on job jobbed!!!!!
  12. Any more for any more......boats that dont have built in furniture?
  13. Ohhhhhh......i watched a video and the guy said his was too thick from these guys and he had to cut alot of it off to see the battons...... Its going to be totaly empty in terns of bed cupboards in bedroom wardrobes storage shelves etc etc....kinda scary but i dont think that much to do....
  14. No 1.5cm spray foam all over......