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  1. Sawley Marina is quite a deep marina I do not know many engineers that will want to hang off the back of the boat to look into this, they do not have facilities to have a boat up on stands (told us that themselves) towing to a closure marina plus costs IF it is a quick fix no we can't risk it.
  2. Take my time, I love the water, I love the smell of diesel, piloting a boat is fun and I seem to be a natural, I can handle situations like loss of reverse without freezing up, the tools we built to hook on to the bank for solo worked, a 20ft is too small for us, Most GRP we saw on the canal (at least 20 passed us during that time) were petrol, canal convoys are fun and the community is fun, enjoyed sleeping on a boat, enjoyed cooking bacon and eggs, our cool bag worked fine, waking up at 5am and seeing hares/rabbits playing on the canal path was beautiful. I love locks. Paola can get on a boat, Paola can deal with the movement, A toilet I can pull my pants up in without stepping outside into the cabin would be a bonus, I enjoy mooring. But as for how to avoid it again, pay abit more than 4k for a boat :), find a marina with a boat yard and recommended people who know boats, buy a boat with a warranty, take my time, research.
  3. Okay let me make it clear as people do not seem to understand. 1)we have no problem taking the hit 2)I will not put one more penny into the boat, it is not that we do not have the money it is both myself, wife and family feel any money put into the boat will be a waste. Let me explain while on the boat we noticed things that could mean it needs a lot more work than the leg, not saying its a bad boat but it needs a person with experience, tools and time, honestly if we come out with £1,000 or even less in our pocket it still balances out because of the experience we gained.
  4. We set a hard money limit for this first adventure, that was £4500, now if I had felt after this short adventure that Kathleen would be enough for us then I would have the leg seen too, after all we just spent £480 on having the fuel system redone and more money that the other owner paid to get the fuel line and linkage replaced, it has new batteries and new electrical cabling, it is still a good boat I feel as a fixer upper, but after three strikes against it, Fuel issues, Fuel pump and leaks and now the leg. We need something a little bigger, with a bed that is always out, a real bathroom, those issues we would have coped with if kathleen was not failing in other ways. We are not going anywhere and I really do love boats, we are just going to take our time and increase our budget quite a bit in the long run, even if it takes us a year, this was a learning experience. Thank you for all the advice. Kathleen will probably go on the Sawley brokers at £2,000, while some may think that is crazy her leg is up out of the water and is being sold as a project boat so is priced accordingly, I will be going down to sawley tomorrow to finalize the details.
  5. I Know what you are saying but it is an Enfield Z drive and only a hand full of people in the country know them and work on them call out alone and hours work would make it too much for us,
  6. The positives from this experience are, taking Paola out on a boat something she had never done before, both on the Trent and the TMC, completely lost my fear of water, love locks, love piloting a boat and sleeping on the boat felt like I was out caravaning which I used to love. Learnt a lot about boats, met some amazing people and the boating community is amazing, the amount of people that saw us tied up on the side of the lock (I tied up far enough back to not cause any problems for traffic) and asked us if we wanted to join there boat going up the canal, we even had a couple of convoys of boats that went passed inviting us to tag along behind. We found an amazing way to get Paola into a boat like that, bought a disabled persons swivel shower chair (£25 amazon) from outside the boat she sits on it and turns till her legs are over the side of the boat then helped in, getting out is just the reverse, set the chair up inside the back of the boat and she can swivel around raise her legs over the side and step off onto the canal side. We are thinking of hiring a narrow boat and going on a short trip to see how we like it (after seeing so many narrow boats and some GRP) and the way the front and the back of a narrow boat it, Paola should be able to step on far easier than a cruiser. so the plan is a short break on a NB to see if a NB suites us. Other than that, I will be looking into Viking boats, seems they bought the moulds when the people who make the Buckingham ended, the viking 20 is an updated copy of the Buckingham 20 I have also learnt that we need something a little bigger than 20ft, a 23-25ft the bathroom if you can call it that is way too small on the Buckingham, I could not even pull up my pants without stepping outside the closet lol. But I think a more recent boat or a boat that comes with a warranty. We will be making a loss on the Buckingham it was £3300 and working, now it is not and it does not matter how you look at it if a buyer can not take it out for a spin then it will be sold as a "project" boat, probably I am thinking around £2000-2500 which is a bargain.
  7. Well that was short, it started really well went up the Trent, got on the TMC, did the first lock no problem, second just inside the gear/throttle system stuck in forward, managed to get out, headed towards Aston lock trying to get it to go into neutral it would not, I became very effective at at coasting into the side and using the boat hook to grab on. Before Aston lock we called up Canal and River Rescue, first engineer thought it was a broken cable but the version for our boat was longer than he had so another engineer came today (great guy) before trying the cable he examined the Leg and found out the part that switches in and out of gear was frozen solid. Tried everything to release it, So with a heavy heart our boat is going to be towed back to Sawley on Saturday and we will be putting her back on the market, too many questions hanging over the boat now. It could be something simple but we spent £3300 on the boat plus 480 to have the fuel system reconditioned (that side is fine) and now this happens.
  8. Our trip is over, and our time with Kathleen we are having her towed back to Sawley and put up for selling. It was not the throttle/gear cable, it was the enfield Z leg that froze up, it could be something simple but the boat needs to be out of the water and when both me and an Engineer looked at the Leg it looks like it has not had a good service in a long time.
  9. Just a waiting game now it has rained since 5am only two small leaks on separate windows the rubber seal needs replacing.
  10. Cruiser no weed hatch, first day of travel started out great got use to the boat but then half way through the second lock the throttle gear thingie got stuck in forward, we made it through that lock and made it to just before Aston lock no 3, with only forward power it would not slip into neutral or reverse so could not chance another lock. Seems the long cable that goes from the throttle to the engine died, canal and river rescue came out but the longest version of the cable they had was 10 feet ours needed a 17 foot so they ordered a new one and will come fit it today, seat and cushions actually form a full size bed so after playing Tetris with pillow we slept. Had a recurring dream I think all boaters do about us slipping of mooring but hooks and spike held.
  11. Everything looking good so far on our way out the door in an hour.
  12. Hello everyone, Well the day is finally here tomorrow morning (Wednesday 19th July) we will travel down to Sawley Marina and take Kathleen out for her first major trip, repairs to engine are done, if Paola can get on the boat (if not modifications will be made later) then it will be both of us, if not I will go solo. Our goal is to get from Sawley on the River Trent to Aston Marina on the TMC. We should be leaving home at 9:30, plan to leave the Marina at 11-12 but will not rush if something is not ready. As long as I can figure out how to access this site on my tablet you will know how it is going :).
  13. Engine tested, ready to go tomorrow morning, if Paola can get on the boat without too much trouble she is coming with me, we will be travelling down via car to Sawley, should leave Sawley at about 11am, will take it carefully. will post a lot of pictures once we get back. planning to log on the forum and give updates. Thank you for all the advice.
  14. Engine is running final tests today, he fixed the RPM Gauge and is bringing some kind of equipment today to make sure it is calibrated. I am more concerned about the weather front moving on on Wedneday.
  15. It all depends how Paola handles boat life, it will be an experience for both of us, hope yours goes well too